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New Female

I am just starting to lift with my boyfriend and I am looking for any ideas on a beginners strength training program for females. I was in a car accident about a year back and had a lot of back pain. I know that I never really got my mucles back to were they should be and my back is especially weak. Any ideas on how to get that to where it should be and then work on strengthening if from there.

I am really interested in my new healthy diet and strength training and having a lot of fun with it. He’s been talking this website up for the last 2 years so I am excited for any ideas.

Welcome! If you haven’t already checked out Vroom’s beginner thread, there’s TONS of info there to read up on.

There’s no reason you can’t do any of the programs here - man or woman, just pick one that meets your needs.

I’ve listed a few articles that focus more on women here.

The “How to Build a T-Vixen” program is a good beginner program that a lot of people have used.

Read up and post any questions you have. (after you try the search engine first :slight_smile: Good luck!

Well you have come to the right place? You waited 2 years to check this site after your bf has told you? Well I guess better late than not, congrats for taking a huge step, and coming with T-Nation.

There are a ton of excellent articles and people that will be happy to help you. If you need motivation check the thread of sictorn and jillybop, they should be a huge encouragement, I know they have been for me! Check the threads and talk to everyone, alot of these members have been around for a good while and can offer great advice.

Once again congrats and welcome to T-Nation! Hope you achieve all your goals.

Welcome to the boards, what I would suggest for articles would be anything written by Christian Thibideau or Christiane (his gf) you may be able to relate. Plus his workouts are pretty complete. I suggest doing a search for the Easy Hardgainer article as a decent article to get you interesting in the future once you learn more about your body and stuff.

Welcome to T-Nation.