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New Female to Boards. Check Out Physique!


hi, I'm Sarah - I'm new to here. I've been training for a few years - trying to bring in my legs!


wait what?

reserved spot in soon to be epic thread





She's a hottie, whether she's the OP or not. I obviously very much doubt it's really her, but cool.

Expect to be systematically run out of this place within 4-6 months.


I doubt it's her as well, but regardless I'm more annoyed at the lack of posting the proper pics. I'm sure a bunch of internet white knights are going to show up rating her a 5 or 6 any second now though.


I have got to admit this one if funny.


For anyone using work internet, here is her Facebook profile shot.


quickly read the sticky at the top of the forum and post the required shots. otherwise you will be eaten alive!

this is mostly a forum intended for people in pre-contest shape but others have been known to post more progress pics.

i think it is awesome that there is a chick here who has done the bulking thing and i'm really looking foward to following along your progress on your cut!

i want my legs to grow too!!!

welcome to t nation :slightly_smiling:





i just saw her PW log thread... she seems legit there?


I don't think she understands her own privacy(?)


^ Yet she graduated law school?


Now if only TribunalDude was here to really shake things up...


That's the kicker - this chick actually IS TribunalDude!!!!


lol you guys are not very motivating! Why would i post a fake pic?


I have like 500 pics on fb, you gotta search under my personal fb page, not my business one.


If your naivete is genuine, it's because there's a bunch of weird ass people on the internet.

It's not so much of a fact of not being motivating, you just didn't post the proper pictures for this forum...

...and this profile is either make-believe or you have it so privatized that it cannot be searched for - I just tried.


SSC- I work with violent criminals on a daily basis...they have my phone number. And you know what? Nothing bad has resulted. So, perhaps our definitions of "naivete" vary.

Not so sure about the facebook settings. You probably misspelled it in the search.


I found it earlier.


You need to be logged in to see it. Confused me too.

This whole thread still seems fishy to me...