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New Female Cycle: Var, Clen, Nolva and Primo

Hey. I’m New to the forum but am looking for
Some insight on side effects for mostly primo. My coach originally wanted me on 1cc EQ/w, however with the virilization side effects I was too concerns to try that. Instead she’s had me start primo at same dose. Everything I had seen showed its pretty safe at that dose. I am finding a lot of “extra sensitivity and engorgement” in sexual area and it’s making me worry about that side effect. There’s nothing else really other than the shoulder acne I’ve developed from being on 20mg var/d.

I’m 21w out at this point and coach is just trying to see how my body will adjust to
Adding in primo and nolva

Is EQ that much worse than primo? certain benefits for women to take it in particular?

I’ve also been on gh for the past 6m but that should have nothing to do with anything at this point.

Thanks in advance

Problem with Primo is that it is so often faked,eg other steroids sold as substitutes with Primo on the label. If you are getting unusual sides it makes me think it could be some type of testosterone, maybe propionate which stings like primo does if injected.

Test is more androgenic that EQ. If I was female and my choice was suspect primo or EQ I would choose EQ. Less chance of virilization.

Just curious, but what is the reasoning for women using anabolics(as opposed to having breast cancer) to take Nolvadex either on or off cycle?

Thanks for the reply! I’m pretty certain that the primo is what it is. Our source is legit so there’s no concern.

Nolvadex is taken along with everything else to ensure no water retention due to excess estrogen, no extra bloat and to overall tighten up more while going through prep

I’m not sure if any legit pharma company still produces Primo, maybe in Turkey? Unless its comes via a Dr’s prescription I’d be cautious.

Most raw materials come from China these days, even an underground lab just buys bulk powder, and puts it into solution and filters it. There is a test you can buy to see if what you have contains real primo.(I haven’t tried it yet)Roidtest
I have bought raws, done a melting point test. It came in slightly below the known temperature that Primo melts but higher than masteron which is a common substitute for primo. The melting point was much lower than test prop, which stings a lot like primo has the reputation for.
Both masteron and primo have a reputation for not inducing gyno in men. But whilst on this drug(+ small amount of test) I get mad itchy pre gyno nipples if I don’t take a lot of aromatase inhibitor, so I honestly don’t think its legit primo, I have been taking. What it is I have no real idea(probably some kind of blend with test in it.)
When I take EQ with a low amount of test, absolutely no itchiness at all in the nipple area. EQ also has a reputation for not causing gyno in men too. A lot less acne, and hair loss with EQ as well.

Good luck with whatever you try, keep us informed if you like the results of your cycle.

To answer correctly we have to see some hot body pics… In the name of science of course

Would taking EQ be a safer alternative for the same results rather than primo then? My coach initially wanted me on EQ but after doing some research, I chose not to mess with chances of virilization. However after looking more into primo I guess the chances are the same. And from what you’re saying EQ is more likely to be actual EQ?

Only pictures I have right now are comparison pics from being on Primi for 2 weeks and the rest for 1m


dayum :slight_smile: Killer bod… Some dudes super lucky… I’d say keep up the good work Honestly never used primi or eq I was just being a douche…but a tatted up muscle girl that is down with juice… I think maybe your my soulmate :heart_eyes:

Thanks. Long ways to go. This is my first hard cycle. Up until this show I’ve only ever been on var and Clen. Started gh a couple months back and the rest a cpl weeks ago

EQ is more likely to cause virilisation, but when Primo is faked it’s usually faked with EQ anyway.

I’d definitely just use primo if I were you. There’s pharm grade shit out there. I wish I could afford it.

EQ is more likely to be genuine EQ. But if the Primo was legit then it would be the safer choice. If the Primo is really some sort of test/other anabolic blend with high androgens then it will be more likely to cause virilization. Keep a close check on sides. When it comes down to it even if the products are legitimate you won’t really know how you react to it until you try it.

I must say you look pretty good with what you have been doing already.
What are your goals, what division do you compete in, how long are your steroid cycles?

My cycles are 8w at this point. I don’t start prep for my next show for another 4 weeks so we will see after that. I compete in figure division in bcabba, Canadian British Columbia organization. I’ve only done a couple of shows so still getting the hang of all this. Should be a fun ride though if all works out as planned

Hi, I have some females asking me for advice on taking anavar. You fit the bill for what they want to achieve so hope you can help.

They want to start using anavar.

I have recomended an 8 week cycle of 5mg per day for the first few weeks then up to 10 if they feel good. Then a taper back down to 5mg on the last week.

This is their first cycle.

My questions are, should they be using nolvadex/adex through a cycle to control estrogen and do they need to PCT?

I have been reading and many females simply discontinue use (including my gf) but some say nolvadex helps prevent an estrogen rebound and un wanted fat gain after a cycle.

Also, any experience taking anavar whilst on birth control? Would it effect either the birth control or the anavar’s effects?

There’s no need to put them on nolva after the cycle. Anavar is such a mild anabolic that at 5 and 10mg there’s no rebounding factor to worry about. Once you hit20mg (which is the most if ever recommend), then I would add in nolva in between.

Also at lower doses it is safer to double
Or even triple their cycle lengths. My first cycle I ran var at 10mg for 32w. After it’s absolutely necessary to take a liver support. So Depremental with females to reverse out properly.

I was on birth control pills during my first cycle with no issues either side. Since then I’ve gotten the IUD, so hormon placement is different now

Excellent reply, thanks.

Hey Betty… Curious what is your normal prep cycle for figure? Your comparison pictures look great and you mention GH… How did that effect you? My girl’s coach had her do Letro during her cycle of Var, Clen and Winny and I did not think that was right, but she was supposedly a pro and knew her shit. Rebound was not to her liking.

Hey Betty, thanks for posting all this. This is a pretty old discussion and I hope you’re still active…

I’m a woman, 22yr old, and I’m thinking about trying Anavar.
I used to do bodybuilding 12hrs a week but the last 1 1/2 yrs I haven’t sustained it. Now I want to accelerate gains and fat loss (I want to lose 49lbs/22kgs of fat). I have never used any anabolics before and I’m looking for tips on how to use them.

Have you encountered any side effects? Are you still using anabolics?
How long should the intervals be between cycles (I want to try cycles of 10mg for 4-6 weeks)?

Love the tats! Keep us posted on your progress.