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New FB Privacy Setting: How to Disable ASAP!


The new FB Privacy setting called "Instant Personalization" shares your data with non-FB sites.

To disable it, go to Account>Privacy Settings>scroll down to Apps & Websites, bottom of page (click Edit)>Instant Personalization>edit settings & uncheck "Enable". BTW If your friends don't do this, they will be sharing info about you as well.

Please re-post in your Facebook!


Well, this makes me happy that I don't have a facebook.


To disable the new FB setting that shares your data with non-FB sites go to Account->Account Settings->Deactivate Account -> "deactivate" -> Check "I have a privacy concern"-> Press "Confirm". This will prevent any Facebook from sharing your data with any other site.

Please repost in your Facebook!


^ LOL!

I don't have it enabled on mine yet...


The hell did my post go?

Ah ^ there it is. The forum database is FUCKED.


Same. Maybe it hasn't been rolled out in the UK yet? I'll be keeping a close eye on this though.


If you don't want your personal info taken, don't put it on there in the first place.


Agreed. I have a few friends that share their cell number, home address etc.

I have a few quotes and and don't even include an "about me". My friends already know who I am.


The only thing anyone could find out about me from facebook is that I like Star Trek and that I said I work for Massive Dynamic as a custard maker.

Oh, if they can see my pics they'd know I'm handy with the ladies I guess.


i appreciate that websites need money too run and the workers who do so need wages, and that a networking site that millions of people are using 24/7 is a perfect marketing platform.
but i dont like where the lack of privacy thing is going! where else do i share dick pictures with all my friends?


Here, of course.