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New Favorite PC Game

Hey everyone, I am pretty much a strict PC gamer and just picked up LOTR - Battle for Middle Earth and it rocks. If you have been aching for a good RTS game or just a good game based on the movie, this is the one to get.

The graphics are beautiful (based on the Sage engine used in C&C Generals) and the level designs are amazing. Gameplay is off the charts and you get to control everyone from the movie!

Just a thought for anyone looking for a killer game.

I haven’t played the Lord of the Rings game you speak of, but C&C Generals ruined RTS for me. I loved all of the C&C games up until there.

Rise of Nations is the single best RTS game ever made. The add-on, Thrones and Patriots makes it even better. I can’t wait for the follow up, Rise of Legends.

THe AOE series has consistently sucked me in. The best RTS games out there without a doubt.

That said Rise of Nations is awesome too.

I STILL have C&C Red Alert and Yuri’s Revenge installed. I love those games. The most recent game I’ve bought is BF2. It totally kicks ass IF you have a good server with people who know how to play as a team. I recommend the tacticalgamer dot com community for BF2 and a few other team based games.

Since '99 I have been clanning with Half-Life Team Fortress Classic. I have not found a replacement for it yet. However, for pubbing I love a good game of Natural Selection. It has the strongest team based play of any game I’ve touched.

Hmm… How long did you play Generals? And I have to admit that i thought it sucked once i uninstalled the Zero Hour add-on pack.

LOTR has some similarites but it is way different… Might want to wait until it drops in price until you make a risk.

Has anyone played Rome: Total War?

Rome total War possibly the best of its kind in terms of a great single player campaign.

But for multiplayer you cant beat RoN or Dawn of war