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New fat loss stack

Before you tell me to look at past messages or the Biotest store. I have done that. I am wondering with the new biotest products, what is the new fat loss stack? Biotest has come out with new versions of all the products of t2, methoxy, etc. I am just wondering. Thanks for any assistence

I’d say T-Pro, MD6, and Methoxy-7. You can use all three at the same time without them interfering with each other. Plus only one is a stimulant so no worries there.

I’m currently taking T2, MD6, and Andro. About 2 weeks in, and it seems to be working well. I’m eating about 1000 cals under maintenance and retaining muscle nicely. I just got the MD6 yesterday and I love it… I knew it would work, but not like this. I’m going to throw some Methoxy7 into the mix tomorrow when I begin the ropework part of meltdown. RRRip 'em. -ryan