New Fat Loss Plan Critique?

Hi everyone I have been lurking around here a bit reading articles and posts. I have as of today starting cutting I was hoping I could get so input and advice on my plan. My goal is to lose about 15 lbs of fat while keeping the muscle I have worked hard to get.

mon: 5x5

  1. deadlift
  2. db squat
  3. db bench
  4. seated row
  5. push press
  6. chin-up



  1. squat
  2. incline db
  3. t-bar row
  4. arnold press
  5. lat pulldown
  6. dips



  1. leg press
  2. romanian deadlift
  3. db bench
  4. corner bar row
  5. wide grip BB bench
  6. straight arm pull down

As for my diet I will be following
t-dawg 2.0 but I will be taking in 120g of carbs every day but sunday.

so how does it look?

The most crucial plan in the goal of fat loss is the diet. The workout plan doesn’t matter much as long as you?re doing it intensely.

Try not to become dependent “programs.”

When I lost weight, I found that much lower carbs than 120g/day was effective.

Good luck,