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New Fat Loss Machine



Check out this. If this is the future it sure looks even more disturbing in regards to selfcontrol.


SO now, get fat, pay money to shed it, get fat, pay money......

The American dream....eat your donuts and fix problems with money. Perfect


I don't think it's such a bad thing. Only the way most Americans will use it. For someone that trains hard and is very healthy and already quite lean, it could be a good thing. Like a competitive bodybuilder wanting to shed that last little bit of fat.


That's actually pretty cool. Once it becomes commonplace and cheap it's a great way to shake up those stubborn areas.

As for the fatsos - all they can do is get skinny. That's no threat to anyone. If you don't have muscle, cutting all the fat in the world won't make you look good, become strong or healthier.


Wow, that's sounds incredibly dangerous. All that does is release all that liquified fat into the blood stream. It can't be good for your heart.


Just wait until the "do it yourself" model comes out... we'll have emaciated skinny people and fat people giving themselves heart attacks.

On the other hand, if I didn't have love handles and a little belly flab, I'd be happy as a pig in shit. Time to start saving up! :wink:


Yeah,I was thinking the same thing.
It could have some serious health risks involved.
They said that you could lose an inch within seconds.
This could really mess your heart up because of the amount of blood your heart has to pump through your body.
Losing weight that fast could really bring on some serious health problems.

Good old pill popping America.
They're always looking for a quick fix.
"I don't care how bad it is for me as long as I can have it now!"


Wow, never knew exercising involved "taking fat from some areas of the body and turning it into muscle in other areas of the body" I guess the secret is to get really fat first and than workout.


Wait soooo... the machine works by destroying the fat cell membranes and therefore the cells themselves.

What would happen to the muscle cells? Don't they have similar lipid membranes also?