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New Fat Loss craze Epidril?

Hey all I’m starting to get alot of questions about epidril?..it’s supposed to be a gel that when applied to the skin causes the fat cells to release fat into the blood stream to be burned off, so you can spot reduce…sounds like a load a BS to me, but obviously the companys marketing it have “conclusive studies” showing it’s effective…since I doubt thats the case, anyone even know what this stuff is?

Epidril and most of the stuff sold by Klein Becker USA is garbage. They do have aminophylline in the cream, but the product (in fact all of their products) to me appear to garbage.

If you do a search on medline (www.infotrieve.com) you will not find any studies on “epidril” or most of the “active” ingredients sold in their products.

A barrage of paid ads in muscle magazines does not a “craze” make.