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New Fat Burner?

I just noticed Netrition has sold out of all their MD6 now. I was wondering if there is any word on the new fat burner that Biotest is working on? Tim or Chris? Also, anyone ever hear of Lipo6? Seems to have good ingredients, anyone try it?

definte bump on that…just bought some MD6 on pure luck…hoping that biotest will release something similar soon…p.s. why is it discontinued

I think MD6 is discontinued cuz some fools are tryin to ban products with ephdra in it.

EAS announced this week that it’s getting rid of all ephedrine products too. The governent basically pressured insurance companies into making it so hard on supplement companies (or charge them so much) that they couldn’t sell ephedra anymore. They sort of banned it through the backdoor I guess you could say. I just ordered a shitload of MD6 from dpsnutrition. I’m sure the new MD6 will be great, but it won’t have ephedra or ephedrine in it. T-mag hasn’t said anything about what may be in a reformulated MD6 yet.

Yea…I did like TEK…I have a supply of MD-6 that I’ll use on certain cycles…

One thing that I’ve come to depend on with Biotest…they’ll come up with something great, I’m sure! (They just need to figure out how to keep jealous supplement companies off their ass!!!)

Lipo 6 = junk

ephedrine is a depressant so maybe thats why they are being forced to take it out