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New Exercises

I took my keg, stones, and X-vest out to the park today, felt inspired, and this is what I came up with.

  1. Ballistic 1 arm keg pull-throughs.

    This one is just like a cable pull through that you use to build the posterior chain, but grab the keg on the handle with one hand to execute. As you rise and pull the keg through your legs, keep accelerating and contracting your glutes while finishing the move off in a fashion that looks like a front raise, eventually letting go of the keg.

    Walk up to keg and repeat.

  2. Keg roll outs w/ X vest

    This is just like the ab wheel or roll outs with the Swiss ball. Just use the keg and wear your X-vest if you have the luxury of doing so.

  3. Twisting over shoulder keg throw

    I know… dumb name. I’ll take suggestions for a new name later. This is sort of like a squat dumbell swing, but grab hold of a keg. Get down in the “first pull” position. Lift, twist torso as you rise to throw keg over either your left or right shoulder.

For example, if you’re throwing over the left shoulder, than the right arm is is the one doing most of the pushing, while the left is sort of pulling the keg over. You mainly want to throw power generates from the squat and torso twist though. I felt this in the obliques for sure.

This hard to describe, because it’s not like a squat, nor a deadlift, nor a clean. There elements of each lift in this one.

  1. Keg Loaded crunches

    Simply hold appropriately weighted keg out over chest and crunch up while digging heels into ground like a Janda.

  2. OH keg walks

    This is almost self explanatory. Walk or lightly jog around while changing directions with a keg overhead.

  3. OH stone throws

    Not a bad ballistic move for triceps. Get a small boulder or big stone, grasp it with both hands and throw much like you’d pass a basketball from the sidelines.

  4. X-vest ballistic pushups

    For this I found a downed tree. Just stand about 3-4 feet from the tree and purposefully fall chest down into it. Return to a standing position by doing an explosive pushup into a stance.

Anyways, hope this makes sense to everyone. I’m not claiming to make up all of these exercises, just never seen or read anyone else doing most of them.

Let me know what you think. Do we have any potential "Exercises You’ve Never Tried’ in here?

Great bro. On the above I suggst yu try and complete the move dont let go turn it into a full snacth raising it over head try and control/pause it at the top return and go again.

You’ll Love it.

Hmmm, I’ll give that a shot. Cool!