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New Exercises for Second Cycle of BDW?

Hi Coach,

I’m at my 6th week of your BDW and would like to make some substitutions as far as exercises go to keep things fresh. I want to know if the exercises I chose are well-suited to accomplish what the ones you originally included do.

Just asking for green light on these:

On Monday

  1. Rear delt raises -> face pull (for the 6-8-10 dropset)

On Tuesday

  1. Front Squat -> back squat (for the double rest pause set)

On Wednesday

  1. Chest supported row -> Pendlay row (for the double rest pause set)

On Thursday

  1. Pec deck -> Smith machine guillotine press (for the mTor activation set)

On Friday

  1. I feel like cable rows aren’t doing much for me as far as the mTor Technique—I tried the advice that other users gave me to feel the stretch more in my lats but it still doesn’t quite feel right. Do you have any suggestions for a similar exercise to achieve this?
  2. Db hammer curl -> cable curl (for the dropset)

I decided not to change the other exercises because I feel like I’m still steadily progressing on them and changed just enough to keep things interesting. I think I might go 2 more weeks before substituting the other movements (like changing the Seated Db overhead press with the smith machine version and so on).

What do you think?

Yep, that works

Yes, any for or squatting will do. The back squat might be a bit harder on the lower back so make sure that form doesn’t break down

Yes. I normally really like Pendlay rows, just make sure that at the end of the set you do not compensate with the lower back or use a bit of momentum

Yes, the mTor technique is the only one I’d consider using the guillotine press with. It should work quite well because of the important pectoral strerch

Decline cable pullover (exercise 6 in: https://www.t-nation.com/training/torso-solution )

J rope pull (https://www.t-nation.com/videos/tip-the-j-rope-pull)

Go with cable hammer curl

Thank you Chris, you responded way faster than I was expecting!

I’m using variations of the pullover for the lat mTor movement, whereas the cable row is listed as the “rear delts/rhomdoid” mTor movement.

Is there any row variation that would do it?

Exercise 3

Really open up the scapula in the bottom position

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Great to hear that, I just read the article and I was thinking about that one too.

Thank you coach!