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New Exercise!


hey, i just invented a new exercise. for the 2 or three people on the board who by some strange reason are NOT very interested in my training and personal life(whats wrong with you people?) i have been lifting for 25 years or so, and competed in throwing and power-lifting.

i have degenerative joint disease in both shoulders, my left worse than my right, and after years of compensating and training around my shoulder problems, my left elbow is not pretty fucked up.

so i am often experimenting with exercises that i can get adequate loading on my arms without hurting my shoulder. most close grip pressing is out because of shoulder pain.

i recently have been doing incline db Tate presses, and db tricep extensions.

however, the Tate presses hurt my elbow at the bottom position, and the regular dumbbell extensions hurt my shoulder at the top.

soooo, i get on an incline bench, and grab some dumbbells, start at the bottom with palms facing each other like a dumbbell extension, and as i go up i rotate my palms forward and finish like a Tate press.

i found i could load pretty heavy with these, i ended up with 70lb db's for a few reps. heh-heh, now that i "invented" and exercise, i wonder if i could start writing for T-Nation? do i qualify as a guru now?


Sorry to burst your bubble but I think I have seen that exercise on T-Nation, with pictures, in an article about shoulder rehab


YOU LIE!!!!!

how dare you try to take my 15 minutes of fame from me!!! it is MY exercise!

say it!!