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New Exercise to Try

The other day in the gym I saw this guy doing an exercise using the cable-cross-over. Picture this if you can. Pulleys at the top, and just enough weight to keep his upper body in the air in a push-up position. Then he did a fly motion. I wish I had a pic. The guys build was impressive. I tried it and just looked retarded. I could see the benefit though. I thought maybe one of you guys might want to give it a try so that I could get multiple opinions.

Me Solomon Grundy

Where were his feet? Were his arms bent before the fly?

I’ve seen a couple persons(training partners) doing something like this at my gym.

They stand in the middle of the cable crossover station, with the pulleys at the top, and with arms up high to grasp the handles, they lean into it a bit and do this combination flye-punch downward and slightly foreward.