New Exercise Schedule

Hi all…this is my first message,i have been evercising gym for 3 weeks.I used to play basketball until last year(college team).I am 22 so i hope it s not so late for begining:)
Here s the case i am bored to do the general exercise schedule and i personlized it for my self(thanks for articles in here)I would like to hear your opinions and suggestions about it.

Dumbbell Bench Press 3x15
Dumbbell Fly 3x15
Incline Bench Press(dumbbell) 3x15

Latissimus Dorsi-Back:
Cable Close Grip Pulldown 3x15
Cable Seated Row 3x15

Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3x15
Barbell Upright Row 3x15
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3x15

Dumbbell Shrug 3x15

Dumbbell Curl 3x15
Dumbbell Concentration Curl 3x15

Barbell Reverse Wrist Curl 3x15
Barbell Reverse Curl 3x15

Cable Pushdown 3x15

Barbell Full Squat 4x15
Sled 45? Calf Raise 4x15

Vertical Leg-Hip Raise 3x25
Twisting Crunch 3x45

This s it.I am 97 kg and 197cm(from Europe:)) i think i am close to a normal American guy:) I have fat around waist and chest…I use this schedule for 3 days in a week other days i run in the morning(before breakfast) for 45 mins.

Thank for any help and suggestion…

i also use Whey protein…two in gym days one in other days.