New Exercise - Officialy Recognized

The bench press curl.
Wiki mentions it as a stand-alone exercise.

“[…]Yet another variation, the Bench Press Curl, is unique in that it requires two people to function properly in. One, lying on the bench (similar to bench press) lowers the weight eccentricly to 1/2 the ROM as seen in bench press, and the other trainee, standing over the bar, actively curls the bar upwards (essentially a barbell curl) as the other actively presses up.”

(on the “Biceps Curl” page)

I wonder how many people will think this is an actual exercise.

Don’t know but its probably one of the most common exercises I’ve ever seen performed.

Also known as the “It’s All You, Bro” or the “Push It, Brah”

Hmmm. No mention about the guy on the bench staring up his spotter’s/partner’s gym shorts for the duration of the set. Sounds like gay foreplay to me.