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New Exercise Ideas?


I've read the entire series of the "exercises you've never tried" on here. I was wondering if anyone else has cool or unique lifts they liked to share


i had read about squeeze press in one of those articles and it became a staple in my chest workouts.


Prison press?
laying flat and basically doing a DB press with hands inward toward each other?


is that a DB press on a flat bench with palms facing inward and together


yes you press the dumbbells toward each other very hard throughout the exercise.
it burns man.
you need to have hex dumbbells to do that by the way.


go to youtube and look for the username "mountaindog1". Enjoy.


I am falling in love with keg and sandbag clean and pressing. Wish I had started this earlier.


With the sandbags will I use significantly less weight until the smaller stabilizing muscles?


bent press




Less weight than weight?

Until the smaller stabilizing muscles what?


The fast curl and push press is pretty fun. I don't do it with any regularity, though.


Sorry about new phone and not use to it yet.

Will I use less weight with the sandbag compared to the traditional power clean and press? Or is more about the small muscles getting use to the weight shifting?


Give it a try and find out. I started with a 150lb sandbag and that eventually got pretty easy. A great workout was 3 sandbag cleans every minute, on the minute for 10 minutes.


Rope climbing is pretty awesome if you can find a place to do it.


California Skullcrushers:

The press and the stretch below the bench/behind the head in more long head activation.


Drag curls
Kayak rows
Anderson squats (squatting from pins)


Jefferson Lift/Deadlift
Z Presses


The California Skull crusher? I watched your video and with the exception of the press at the end is the drag back a upper chest fly movement or a lat move?


It is kind of a pullover-type motion, but in the context of this exercise, it's training the shoulder extension function of the triceps' long head and allows a full contraction.

That part of the exercise is sorta similar to a PJR pullover, but the California Skullcrusher keeps the bar much closer to the body/face for the actual "pullover" part: