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New Equipment?


I have a Shop I built in my Backyard, instead of tools and saws it has weight lifting equipment. I am thinking of purchasing this peice of equipment here for myself and my wife. So in essence I would have a gym with Cage, MultiBench, Dumbbells, HeavyBag Lots and Lots of Plates and this equipment I am showing here.

Id like you opinions, good or bad. But for the record I LOVE squats deads and Benching, thats 60% of my training there, Now this would be for myself to experiement with and for my wife to us.
Thanks for your replys.


I see nothing wrong with it. I like plate loaded machines. However, I have found many of those types of machines to be poorly put together. I don't see how most of them would last several years of truly serious weight training without falling apart. That is why I like going to a gym. The maintenance of equipment is up to someone else.


What you need is a sturdy power-rack and bench (flat, incline, decline), a couple of bars with a set of plates and a set of dumbbells.

This machine won't allow you to do a benchpress with free weights.

Sure, there's a chest press, but you won't challenge your stabalising muscles with it.


Read carefully??
I have a Powertec rack, Bench, loads of freeweights, (olympic) and full set of dumbells already. this would expand my gym



you may be able to find some commerical grade equipment(rehabbed from closed gyms) for less or about the same price


To tell you the truth, I eventually plan to do something similar in terms of a home gym. Even with that in mind, however, I would make sure that equipment was actually strong enough to handle someone with some size on them banging out reps for years.


Thats the key. I think alot of people try to just get the most equipment they can instead of making sure the equipment they get is gonna still be upto snuff in 3 or 5 years. I mean that bench they got at walmart is all fine and dandy but is it gonna support your 250lb body as well as a 415 pound bench press. Prolly not.


I would rather get something like a pull-up bar, roman chair, dip bar and weight belt. If that pic above is what you want definately get it, nothing's really a bad piece of equipment (I really can't prove that). But I'd go with what I suggested. It'd be much cheaper (I can't prove that either).


Along with the power rack and other stuff you already have, that looks like a pretty sweet home gym setup.


I own a similar model. I've put some ware and tear on it (as has my wife). It's a decent piece of equipment, and this model appears to have solved some of the issues I have with mine, namely the handles at the various stations (poorly spaced). The one problem I had that really bothered me though was that the bench just didn't look or feel like it was squarely centered in between the "bar" on the bench station.

If you already have a power rack and such, I'm not sure this would be a neccessary addition though. What is it about it that you like and would be compelled to use?

Take it easy,


Thanks for the replys,
I have decieded to deal with powertech and am going to go with the one in the picture I have posted here.

The reason I want it is for legs, pull downs and curls. But I get a workout good now with the equipment I own, however I want to complete the package more so it feels like a comercial gym for my wife and the children as we get older. Most people focus one home theaters and rec rooms for there family, I want a GYM instead for my wife and kids!

The last peice will be a stairmaster but damn they are expensive!


www.usedgymequipment.com, if you haven't already looked


Hey Firefighter,
I had that Powertec gym that you have decided to purchase. I would say in general it is much more solidd than I would have expected, with one exception. The plate that you stand on to squat is thin, and would bend alarmingly when I got on it -- I was 210-220 at the time and never squatted on it with mroe than 150 lbs. max.

Also, I developed a shoulder injury, I think it might have been from benching heavy on the machine, but I don't really have any idea.

One thing I appreciated about it was that the motions -- especially on the lat pulldown and the military press -- were different than I was used to but seemed more effective and more natural (i.e. the lat pulldown seemed to hit my last more, and the military press forces you to push more or less directly over your head).

But my concerns are fairly minor, especially since you can do your heavy squatting and benching elsewhere, and having this option might encourage your family to do those exercises.

If you're concerned about durability, I think this is the ideal machine to purchase. It's very well built and quite strong -- I'm sure you've seen the specifications.

If you have any specific questions about it, feel free to pm me if you'd like.


Thanks alot for taking the time to share your experience with this machine, I feel more confident now although I am still going to go and try it next week before I purchase.

74 thanks for the link I visited it and even deeply discounted a decent stepper is costly!

thanks again guys for your intelligent input!


How? What extra exercises would you be able to do? And wouldn't you be able to do them on less expensive equipment?


I understand what you mean, but like I say before I want to build a pretty well equipted gym for me and my family, My wife is intimidated by my cage and free weights and I ABSOLUTELY refuse to buy a bowflex for her so I think this will be an awesome addition. As for expense its really not that much(bowflex =$3000) and I dont have any other extravgences in my life so spending money on mma classes and gym equipment is sensible for me


While Not absolutley NEEDED due to having a power rack etc. I dont see why peopel are flaming you. IO say GO for it. Id rather see you spend money on this than blow it on cheese burgers, video games etc.. I say nice work and buy something solid and you'll have a hell of a gym.


I would rather have a glute ham raise, lat pulldown cable system with lots of attachments, a set of olympic bumper plates and bar, a good 45 back raise, kettelbells, reverse hyper, some new bars like a chambered and safety squat, chains & bands, maybe even a powersquat or a leg press of some type.

Not saying that wouldnt be a good edition, but i think for less money you could purchase something that would have just as good as an impact.


If you do it for your wife, better ask her advice about it then.

I'm not trying to flame you or anything. You seem keen to buy this machine and it's your money after all.

So go for it.


Ya I am taking her to the dealer to check it out before I buy it, its only 1400bucks, Half decent set of kettle bells would run a grand alone (there expensive in Canada)!
I am not worried about being flamed at all, I am used to this forum and I appreciate the intelligent responses and dismiss the unintelligent ones
Thanks again