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New Equipment for Home Gym


I was wondering if anyone could help me decide what piece of equipment to get for our home gym

What it has in it now:
Leg Extension/Curl Machine
E-Z Curl Bar
Cage with Bar(Chin-Up Bar)
Preacher Bench
Dumbbells(3-85 lbs)
Plates(4 5lb,2 10lb,2 25lb,2 35lb,2 45lb)
Adjustable Bench

I was looking at a leg press machine but I dont want to jump and get something before i look at other things first

Things it has to be:
300$ or less
Not enormous

I was just hoping I could get some things reccommended


$300 or less? Get a fucking gym membership. You won't even find a decent treadmill alone for that much. Maybe twice that if it's on sale.


Just to add, I know you just want a leg press machine, but what do so many have against gyms now?


I actually have a way where you can do reverse hypers (AT HOME). Maybe you'd want to know about that. If you want to know about it, you can pm me about it before I write a summary of it and post it here.


I dont have anything against gyms im just 13 and stuck in our home gym


Not that there aren't pro's to gyms, but there are many negatives.

1)Having some one tell you what you can and can't do.

2)Shitty music.

3)Dipshits. Reference the curling in the squat rack thread, among others.

4)Driving there.

5)Child care.


You could get a shitload of hand grippers. From CoC and HG


Damn. You're 13 years old with a 300 dollar limit? Must be nice.

I guess I should say something like, "stay in school" and "eat your vitamins".


Its my money actually, ive been saving up for a LONG time and to tell the truth id rather join a gym then spend my money getting all this equipment, but ill do it when im older highschool probably


If that's the list of stuff you've already got in your home-gym, then you're pretty-much set.

Here's a few suggestions:

Get more plates, and/or barbells. Having more than you need means you can leave 'em on the bars and save set-up time between exercises.

Cable-Crossover machine, plate-loaded rowing machine, or Lat-pulldown tower.
Rowing is one of the few movements that's best done via machine, and cable-crossover machines offer a ton of movements that you just can?t do with free-weights.

As others have said, gripping-tools are good too.

Is your weight bench a good quality one? You might want to think-about upgrading something you?ve already got.


The only thing I dont have on that list is the cable crossover the cage we have also has an overhead and floor cable


I decided to take pictures of our home gym

Most of the room:
Dumbell Rack, Preacher Bench:
Cage, Plate Rack,Cable Handles:


Damn that's a lot of dumbbells.


What about dips? You can buy one of those things specifically for dips for about 100. An olympic weight set also costs 100, thats like 300 lbs of plates and a 45 lb olympic bar.


the olympic weight set is just what we went out and got today

we also go 2 new cable handles and some tape

but the things we failed to get that i wanted were: BF Calipers, and a leg press machine

the leg press machine that they showed on the internet was nothing like what they had at the store and the only have decent ones they had were around 1,500$ so i better start a piggy bank


I would recommend buying some lumber and building some things for your gym. It is easy to build a pull up station. It is also easy to build a dip rack. If you do not go too heavy you can build a squat rack. I am talking old school. Good luck and be safe.


Nice gym


Forget the leg press machine, you can do pretty much most of the leg exercises with what you have. You don't need the leg press.

After looking at your gym (very nice by the way), I'd invest in the following:

A) Dip station
B) Belt to strap weights to so you can do weighted dips in your new dip station. (Maybe add a chain to the belt you have on your weight stack).
C) Some kind of calf machine maybe.. but, priority goes to items A and B.


Forget the leg machine and just do more squats. With what you have, you're set up perfectly.

By the way, must be nice to have rich parents... Hope you have aspirations to work for a living someday. If I'm off-based and you earned your money from a friggin' papar route or something, sorry, but that's typically not the case.

And oh yeah... stay in school, take your vitamins and don't do drugs.


Holy Crap you've got a lot of stuff what do you want more for? You don't need no more. You got heaps. Stop buying stuff and start working out.

You're only 13? is that a typo?

Man I wish I had that when I was 13. I doubt half those manufacturers existed back then.

Get another weights tree and some more plates. I like the plates with holes in them, the ones with you know, kind of "handles" you can attach them to stuff e.g ropes, and pullem up by the ropes. Or a Metolious grip thingy.

Get a bigger clock. And get two stopwatch countdown things you can program to go off say in 2 minutes or 3 minutes. And a metronome wouldn't go astray if you is really fussy about timing.

Put another mirror behind your cage.

A trapbar for deadlifts isn't a bad thing. If you are looking for things to spend money on.

I don't see a sandbag, and that would be a nice addition.

If it were my gym I would add a punching bag and some double end / speedballs etc..

Geez man get some posters! Especially some red ones, the colour red helps you get stronger by making you more angry, like.

And a sound system

You could also buy some powerbands. You probably don't need them but personally I like them. Actually, chains might be good too. But these are more advanced things and not that important.

Far out I forgot, medicine balls.

Also if I had that room, there would be a second power rack on the other side of the room, and the two would be joined by beams, from which I would have a monkey bar system of holds, bars, everything you can grab and swing from, and one power rack would have squats setup permanent, the other, something else, also permanent.

But really you don't need to add anything, what you have got is plenty, now use it. Really at 13 all you need is a barbell.