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New Ephedra Study


I’m not a Dr., so I can’t say with any certainty if this study has any validity.


I thought ephedra itself doesn’t affect the heart rate too much, and that only in combination with caffeine does it actually do something.

  • “In past experiments on obese, otherwise healthy individuals, ephedrine did not raise their heart rates when they were either at rest or exercising,” Adamson added. -

??? How come it is such an effective weight-loss aid then?

  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned dietary supplements containing ephedra in February because it can cause a heart attack and stroke. - Uh, does anything else come to mind? Smoking, drinking, trans fats, excessive junk food all cause these problems. Damn, is the government gonna ban all food now? Oh no, blame it on ephedra.

Where’d the scientists get the ephedra anyway?