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New England Record Breakers


The New England Record Breakers meet will be held on May 6th. It has been posted about before here, but below is the most recent lineup. It's a raw meet (only belt, wrist wraps and knee sleeves are allowed) featuring some of the big names in the sport.

Full Powerlifting:
Mike Miller, Josh Bryant, Steve Goggins, Beau Moore, Donnie Thompson, Capt. Kirk Karwoski, Travis Mash, Bob Masello, Rich Deleon, Shawn Colbeth, Sam Byrd, Sean Culnan, Glenn ?Big Daddy? Ross, Scott Smith, Kuttroff Holger, and Dan Kovacks

Bench Press:
Mike Wolfe, Nick Winters, Jeremy Hoornstra, Mike ?Gunny? Green, and Rock Lewis

Brent ?SGT Rock? Howard

Special Guest Lifters:

Teenage Pheonom Eddie Debus will perform the Bench Press and Deadlift.

World record holder Amy Weisberger, will be representing the female Powerlifters in the three lift division.


This is gonna be cool. I am interested to see how Mike Miller does, I think he gets unjustly bashed now from the infamous IPA squat.

I'd like to see him do well, he is a nice and helpful guy.


Young Nick Winters should really be impresive in the raw bench. i watched him bench 625 in Indy at Ron Palmer's Lionheart meet in just a t-shirt, no belt no wrist wraps no nothing. Very impressive, alot of guys there were going for huge attemtps(and missing) in every piece of protective gear known to man and here comes Nick in a Blue westside t-shirt and smokes 625.


Knowing some of the guys doing it, it's going to take at least 2200 and probably 2300 to win the SHWs. A lot of the variation will come in the squats...there'll be a lot of surprises there both ways, and I would hope we'd get to see 900 broken.


Agreed, Mike is a great fellow who always goes out fo his way to help a lifter.


I think Siders won with 845+635+840=2320 total. Most impressive!




That sounds right. I was there, but I didnt remember exact numbers. I was also SURE that Donnie's 855 was passed, (and I thought he actually tried 875 on his third) but then i got home and someone had posted that he had spoken with donnies handler and the lift wasnt passed. oh well, guess donnie knows better than I do whetehr his attempt was passed haha. It was a cool day, if anyone's interested I can write more about it, (what i remember anyway, haha, which mihgt not be 100% as evidenced by the above) but right now its too nice outside to be on a computer.


I'm guessing that Donnie had someone there filming for him. If thats not the case shoot me a pm, I have a couple of vids, I think donnies 1st squat adn his 3rd DL. If he wants a video of that, lemme know I'll get em to you. Although from what bartley posts on elite Im guessing Donnie would have to use someone elses computer to view them, haha


Official results:


Brian Siders 339lb - Total - 2,200
Squat 755/785m/785 - 785
Bench 605/635m/635m - 605
Deadlift 725/770/810/840 - 810

Donnie Thompson 374lb - Total - 2,170
Squat 805/855m/855m - 805
Bench 565/600m/- - 565
Deadlift 745/775/800 - 800

Scott Smith 266lb - Total - 2,085
Squat /740/770 - 770
Bench 505/555/565 - 565
Deadlift 660/720/750 - 750

Beau Moore 339lb - Total - 2,085
Squat 670/720/750 - 750
Bench 530/560/575m - 560
Deadlift 705/775m/775 - 775

Mike Miller 390lb - Total - 1,810
Squat 600m/600/800m - 600
Bench - 500/-/- - 500
Deadlift 600/710/800m - 710

Sam Byrd 210lb - Total - 1,730
Squat 635/680/705 - 705
Bench 425m/425/440m - 425
Deadlift 600/650m/670m - 600

Ryan Ceilli 196lb - Total - 1,710
Squat 530/565/600m - 565
Bench 440/470/495 - 495
Deadlift 600/640/670m - 640

Rich Deleon - Total - 1,670
Squat /660m/660 - 660
Bench 405/430/450m - 430
Deadlift 520/580m/580 - 580

Mike Pelosi 330lb - Total - 1,665
Squat 500/600/630 - 630
Bench 300/330/350 - 350
Deadlift 550/650/685 - 685

Eddie Debus - Total - 1,530
Squat 440/480/510m - 480
Bench 400/-/- - 400
Deadlift 600/650/700m - 650

Julie Scanlon 165lb - Total - 1,160
Squat 375/405/425 - 425
Bench 270/280/305 - 305
Deadlift 420/430/450m/450m - 430

Sean Culnan - Total -
Squat -/-/- - 0
Bench 460m/500m/500 - 500
Deadlift 710/750/ - 750


I'd love to hear more about your thoughts on the meet. It seems everyone's saying that Donnie not getting the 855 was crap, but bad calls do happen. But I guess Coan couldn't have a WPO winner winning it. :slightly_smiling:

Yes, he did. That was Marc's girlfriend. She had one of the guys that lifts with us at Marc's there too. They got interviews with the lifters and were allowed to film Donnie. The coverage of it should be up soon on Marc's site.

I'd love to get that video from you. Shoot me a PM and let me know what format you have it in. We can get it to Donnie one way or the other.


Boy, these totals are shockingly small for a couple guys. I plan to compete in gear once I graduate from college (i.e. have a job to buy some gear), so I'm not an anti-gear guy. But it is nice to see what people can do without gear and a monolift.

I would imagine that a raw meet would be less stressful for a lifter than a full gear meet, with having to worry about getting your shirt right, not being able to pee because you have briefs and a suit on, etc.

Donnie's 805 squat is extremely impressive. That is a lift that has gotten out of control lately with people "squatting" 1200 plus. It is cool to see Donnie come out, especially since he was hurt at the Arnold, and squat that much.



I really don't think any of the weight that was moved was small. Even the guys that didn't hit their own PRs still would have set lots of records in local or national contests.

I was there and I really respect the efforts that the guys & gal put out. Some of the impressive things:

jeremy hoornstra breaking a 35 yr old raw bench record. 605lbs at only 239lbs.
julie scalon squating 425
Ed Coan getting the video camera out on Brian Siders...
Mike Miller holding a 600lb 2nd attempt squat below parallel and saying to head judge Jan Todd "Is that low enough?" with the biggest smile on his face. And then exploding up with it.
Brian Siders pulling a personal best 840 DL on a 4th attempt... and just days after setting new WRs.
Eddie Debus coming back after straining his back on his 3rd squat.
and all the lifters putting their hearts into the lifts. Too much to mention..


No gear to bash in this thread, so it died a quick death. hahahaha. All the people with objections to gear apparently don't really give a shit about raw lifting either.


Rick do you train with Donnie and do you have a brother named Tom.


Yes and no.


Do you know a james chantler


We have a James that lifts with the strongmen here, but I don't know his last name. Very nice guy, very smart. PhD from Purdue I believe.


Not so fast Rick:)

Hi Guys
My thoughts about the NERB (although I wasn't there).

I must first say that I respect all lifters whether they use equipment or not; but the results of the NERB shows very clearly how much some lifters get out of their gear.

Mike Miller the squat record holder at 1220lbs only passed on a 600lb squat, less than 50% of his best!

I saw Donnie Thompson squat 1124lbs at the Arnold where he injured himself but he was still 300lbs less at the NERB and Deadlifted well so I guess he's back is ok.

The winner, Brian Siders was 300lbs (or so) down on his usual total and he only lifts in single ply although I hear that single ply technology has really come on in the last couple of years! We're talking about technology rather than strength, it doesn't seem right to me!

I heard in the run up to the event that several lifters were stopped from competing by their sponsors because of the negative publicity that lifting gear would get as a result of such a high profile raw meet but I think it's worked the other way; it's shown how much intelligently used gear can help although all the naive kids will probably think that they'll get their bench from 200 to 500 within a month of buying a shirt.

Well done to all who competed; some very impressive lifting went on and for once no one will ask what would they do without the gear; it's there for all to see.

Regards Chris


Awesome! A gear debate. :slightly_smiling:

This is going on some faulty assumptions. The first is that Mike has squatted 1220. In my mind, he hasn't, because his 1220 was obviously high, even from the front, on video. His shot at 1212 at the Arnold was below parallel, but unfortunately he stumbled at the top. I can't even think of a legitimate squat over 1000 that I've seen him do (though that doesn't mean he hasn't done one).

The second assumption is that 600 is "all" he could get. This is where actually understanding how a powerlifting meet works. You are given three attempts. Pick poorly, and you will leave a lot on the platform. That was the case here. He opened at 600 and got called on depth. So he took it again, sunk it deep, paused, asked the judge if it was low enough, and shot it back up. He jumped all the way to 800 and missed it. So logically, his best squat would have been between 600 and 800...quite a wide range to pin down what a guy coming off of 2-3 meets in a row and a daughter in the hospital is "capable" of.

To be anal, he squatted 1107 and got called on depth with 1146 at the Arnold. :slightly_smiling: However, again, you have to go on what happened at the meet. The only people in the room that thought Donnie's 870 raw squat (which he hammered) was high were two of the judges, and Ed Coan (one of the judges) said the squat was a quarter inch high (apparently Ed has some great visual acuity). Coan also said that he thought Donnie was capable of a 900 raw squat - something he didn't think anyone else was capable of - so this dramatically changes the math if Donnie had a luckier day.

However, it is a shame that Donnie isn't getting a 300lb carryover. :slightly_smiling:

Again, same thing with Brian. He missed depth on his second squat (yes, an IPF lifter can actually not go low enough in some meets :slightly_smiling: ) and had to take it over on his 3rd. Seeing as how his training partners were reporting that he had done 805 earlier in the week (between his meet 6 days prior and this raw meet), I would imagine he'd be good for a squat closer to his raw deadlift of 840.

I actually agree with the sentiment...even though the reasoning behind Miller's 620lb carryover is deceptive, it would be one helluva endorsement.

This was just one meet done by guys who mostly don't train that way normally. To get a true measure of "strength", they should be given time to actually peak for the meet, get used to the change in training, and have wiser attempt selections.

Obviously there is carryover with the gear (otherwise why would one suffer through it?), but one raw meet with a small sampling is a poor demonstration of what gear "can do".


I'll just outline my eyewitness account on NERB so this doesnt devolve into an essay

-I was surprised/disappointed by the lack of spectators. I mean, these were some big names. The problem may be that its not exactly centrally located. Amherst isn't bumblef-ck but it's not exactly a bustling metropolis

  • The meet was run very well. Four and a half hours total, things were kept moving, not a lot of downtime.

-Donnie getting called high on his third squat was crap. I'm no judge, and I was in the stands, not on the side, but my opinion is that he hit depth

-Communicating the lifts was off - I thought they announced donnies third squat at 875, Sam Byrds at 710 (then listed it at 705) - I dunno, maybe I was just spacing out that day, I didnt get a lot of sleep the night before

-Sam Byrd. This guy weighed in at 210, did a 705 squat, 425 bench and pulled 600. Was he the MOST impressive lifter of the day? I hesitate to say that, since we already chewed that one over on the 700x3 deadlift thread and besides, coefficients are for skinny people. But two things about him stand out to me:
1) he was the only full meet lifter who weighs anywhere close to me (I out weigh him by 20-25lbs - although he's carrying a SIGNIFICANTLY higher lbm so I'm guessing he's like 5'9") so it was really cool to see someone about my size with some seriously heavy weights
2) I had never heard of him before. Maybe people who pay closer attention to meets would know his name, but I didnt. I was EXPECTING big numbers from donnie and mike and siders and beau, but this guy came from out of left field.

So as regards those two observations I would say that he was the most impressive in that he made the biggest IMPRESSION on me. hope that distinction makes sense

-Lifts that stand out in my mind (in addition to the aforementioned donnie and byrd lifts)
-Miller almost losing the 810. Very scary there for a tenth of a second. Also, he DEFINITELY coulda done more than 600. He isnt getting a 620 lb carryover. These squats were deep, and the way he rocketed up 600 after getting about halfway through ... he definitely left a few pounds on teh platform. Incidentally, I had no idea about what was going on with his 600 squat, I didnt realize he was talking to the judge. very pissed at myself for missing that.
-Some kid, I wish I knew his name, absolutely GRINDING through his squat attempt. Very, very cool, definitely got the crowds attention and showed a lot of heart.
- Hoornstra breaking a 35 year old 242# bench record.
-Donnie making every DL attempt look explosive and easy
- Siders' 840 DL wow. just, wow.
-Met Brian Siders after the meet, and shook his paw. And I mean paw. MASSIVE hands.
-Walked out a door and almost ran into brian schoonveld. He said "hey guy, how we doing there" and I just automatically responded "what's up schoonie" you know your sport is underground when youre walking through/into one of the bigger names and then get to call him by his nickname.

-I was talking with my training partner vinny dizenzo after the meet and mike woolf walked up and they started talking. Funny, the topic of conversation was gear. I just realized that I was standing between two men who bench a combined 1700 some-odd pounds. wow. Also, Mike Woolf has no neck. None. The bottom of his head meets his back

I saved this for last, because I'm about to get flamed, but f it, here goes anyway. I was really turned off by Kaz for two reasons
1) EVERYTHING was about kaz eg
-talking about julie scanlon "Julie is a trail blazer, much like myself"
- complimenting mike miller after discussing how much mike had been through jsut to be there that day "Mike, I am one of the strongest men in the world, and so are you"
- Talking to Nick Winters after Nick benched 650, highest of the day "... and just think, you're only 11 lbs behind me!"

Nothing that he said was inaccurate, but jeez Kaz, this is about the lifters not about you

2) The constant anti-gear ranting. I'm going out on a limb here and saying two things. First, everyone who was there obviously had SOME interest in raw lifting, after taking the time to drive up and spending the money on the ticket, so there's no need to "convince" anyone that raw lifting is worthwhile. Second, PL isnt the most spectator friendly sport, so I doubt that many people wandered in off the street and needed an explanation as to what was going on. I dunno whatever. But more importantly, I felt it was EXTREMELY disrespectful to say things like "those lifters [who wear gear] are fooling you and more importantly, fooling themselves" considering that most, if not all the guys there, are geared lifters. I assume Kaz is considering them an exception, but it just wasnt necessary. Also, the love affair that Kaz had with Siders, presumably since siders lifts IPF and "only" wears single ply gear. I thought it hilarious that Kaz unequivocally stated that Siders was the best PL walking the earth today only to have Donnie beat him in the squat 10 minutes later

I kinda have to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he was acting to a persona, but at teh same time... I mean, the guys from my gym and I were laughing our asses off, but i dont know if it was at kaz, or if he was in on the joke.


Sam Byrd popped up around here about a year or so ago. I think I first saw him posting on North Georgia's forum, but it's obvious he has a bodybuilding background. (He looks like a jacked up Stifler.) Really nice guy who actually owns the 198 "all-time" squat record at 914. He set that at the Georgia meet last year. He's been having some shoulder problems, so he just did what he could on the bench.

I heard the same things about Kaz's commentary. It's kind of sad, because all of the other strength legends there (Coan, Capt. Kirk, etc.) were said to be having a lot of fun together and seemed to share a lot of respect.