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New England Powerlifting Event


I saw this at my gym today.
Anyone from T-Nation attending?

I haven't been "training" for it, but why not? It sucks I have been dieting down. But if I can get down to 209lbs, I should have an advantage compared to the guys at 180.

Also note: no bench shirts/squat suits. Just the way I like it...Belts only (of which I don't train with).


Cool...My wife went to high school there. I wish there were powerlifting events at my school when I went there.


That sounds awesome :slightly_smiling: If only one of these were out here in California...


Everyone from our gym (South Side) as well as pretty much every other powerlifter I know in the area is going to be competing the same day in Lewiston, ME at the Pine Tree Open.

  Since I've started getting into some personal training (non athlete), I've found that at least 75% of my clients can't perform a deadlift or bent over row correctly.  They all lack the flexibility and strength to maintain a neutral spine.  The rows end up looking more like a shrug.  It doesn't even matter if I lighten the load, they just can't bend over far enough.

Also, I've found the same people can't DL in a straight line. They have to pull the bar around their knees because they can't sit back far enough while bending over.

Have you found the same to be true?

Besides flexibility and slowly building their strength, is there anything else I'm missing that can help train them to do this? What would you do with a client like this EC?

One more...
Do you think ART therapy will help this?... My spinal erectors in the left lower portion of my back are way bigger than my right side. It is easily visible when I bend over. It looks like a big speed bump. It's gotta stick out an inch more than the erector spinae on the right side. It's also much tighter to the touch. I've pulled it before a long time ago on pulling on a boat, could it be from this, or is this some kind of unintentional hypertrophy from something that I'm unaware of?


Wow, I just can't get over how many "healthy" people are practically handicap! Who would've thought 100 years ago that "healthy" people can't bend over without falling on their face!

I was unaware of how bad this is until I started personal training.


Wow, that had nothing to do with a New England Powerlifting Event. I'm going to copy and paste it into my Prime Time thread to answer.

On the ball once again, Hale; nice work! :wink: