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New England Patriots, World Champs!

I hate to say it, no, I love saying it but I TOLD YOU SO! NEW ENGLAND PATS BABY!!!

UnFinbelievable, although I said it this morn, and when they came out unannounced as a team, you could see in their eyes they were gonna play well!

Yeah Baby!!! Pats are the REAL DEAL!!! and now the whole world knows it!

skippin school for the parade on tuesday

It was a great game and Bellichek proved his worth as a defensive coordinator and coach by putting to gether a scheme that gave up quite a few yards but few points and by starting Brady instead of Bledsoe.

I congratulate them but I can’t help but think back to the game against Oakland where Brady fumbled late in the game. The call was overuled but everyone who saw the play CLEARLY saw it was a fumble. That fumble would have sent Oakland to the AFC title game and sent the Pats home.

Also, conspiracy theorists everywhere are typing away right now because of the coincidences that played out this year. On the first weekend of games after the 9/11 tragedy, Bledsoe was injured and in stepped a completely unproven backup. Brady proceeded to go 14-3 as a starter and win the Pats’ first Superbowl in a year when Patriotism was the main theme of a country. You can tell that I know one of these conspiracy theorists(lol). Regardless, congrats to the Pats and their fans; you guys are Champs.

I guess these guys proved that they ARE for real…great game…

My roommate asked me who was going to win. I said i had a feeling about the Patriots even though the Rams should kill them. He said the same thing.

Congatulations to the New England Patriots and their fans! It’s always nice to see a team win its first Super Bowl.

bellichek did an awesome job, one of the best coaching jobs i’ve ever seen, i always knew he was a great defensive coach under parcells for all those years, but from his days as coach of cleveland, a disaster, he must have learned a lot.

As I was lying in bed last night after the Pats’ big win, something hit me: I’ve had a frustrating life as a New England sports fan. I’ve been a hardcore Celts, Sox, and Pats fan for as long as I can remember (I used to cry myself to sleep when Bird, McHale, DJ, The Chief, and Ainge lost). I haven’t missed a Celtics game all year. Over the past few years, I’ve started following the Bruins, too. I listen to all the sports talk shows at work and in the car. Honestly, though, that was the first championship I’ve had to celebrate since I was 5 years old in 1986! This is the best goddamn feeling in the world, and all I did was sit on my ass and cheer! Up next: Celtics win the NBA finals, a Stanley Cup for the Bruins, and, dare I say it, the Red Sox will beat the Yank-Mes…

Congratulations to you Eric and the Patriots but I think I have cried longer than you I live in Philly we haven’t been to a superbowl in over 20 years, haven’t won a Stanley Cup in 27 years, A World Series in over 20 years … BOO HOO HOO!!!

i’m a huge iggles fan too, they haevn’t won since 1960, but at least they are close

Don’t worry bud, this is the year for the Flyers. I don’t care what those Red Wings fans say. Go Philly!

C’mon now…you’ve got lots of stuff to cheer about: New Turf at Veteran’s Field, a successful appendectomy for Bobby Abreu, and Iverson hasn’t gotten arrested for over a year. Then again, you guys have to watch Rheal Cormier-I’m so sorry. Funny that you say that, though, because I had a friend at school in Boston who was an absolute Sixers fanatic. He used to get so pissed off when I was the Celts and I beat him in NBA Live on Playstation! Keep the faith!

I have to say that I was born a Raiders fan, and I could not believe that bullshit call in the fourth quarter against the Pats! In the AFC divisional game, It was a fucking fumble, and the Raiders should have won the game, but the refs were too scared that the fans would lodge beer bottles into their skulls, so they made a chicken shit call!

P.S Silver and Black rule, and I just had to let off some steam