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New England Patriots Fans

This is a little late but on October 13 I attended the Green Bay Packers vs. New England Patriots game at Gillette Stadium (beautiful facility, by the way). As a Packers fan sporting the “Green and Gold” in an “away” stadium, I was a little worried about mistreatment by some of the New England fans, especially if the game got ugly for the Patriots, as it did. However, I was very impressed with the fans I encountered: any “harrassment” was good-natured. I just wanted to say that based upon my experience, New England Patriots fans are a classy bunch. Good luck on Sunday against Denver.

Thanks, I think most home fans really dont cause problems unless the away fans are intentionally goading them. Ive been to a bunch of Pats games, and the only trouble has been when a opposition fan gets drunk and instead of celbrating with his buddies, mocks the other fans around him. Even then usually its mostly a spilled beer, most fist fights Ive seen are two assholes, both too drunk and sitting too close.

I’ve been to quite a few games at the old Foxboro Stadium and two at Gillete. As crazy as it sounds, the only fight that I’ve ever seen in any of them was during a US National Soccer Team game against Trinidad and Tobaggo! The only time New England fans are really rude is when Jason Kidd comes to town, but that’s okay with me; he’s a wife beater, so they tell it/shout it/curse it like it is!