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New Eminem


What do you think? I feel like I may need a few more listens before I make a decision...


Also, this came out a couple weeks ago...


Even if he just said bla-bla-bla, in all of his lyrics, the changes in his voice would make it a great song.


It sounds...different. I love his older stuff and I dont any rap album will ever come close to how perfect the Marshall Mathers LP was.


The MM LP is one of my favorites, but I've always like the Slim Shady LP a little better.


I really liked Eminem, and some of his songs are still good, but I think his "story" is getting old. Tough childhood, to rich with wife problems, to drug problems, to rehab problems, to fame problems, to popularity problems. Bad Meets Evil was good though.

I really like the song Cinderella Man also, but I feel like the he's repeating his message and constantly saying, "I'm still here, but I shouldn't be." Just stfu about it already, grats. I feel like his music doesn't carry the meaning it used to.


how is being a whiney bitch a "unique or orignal angle"


This the same EMINEM who dissed Moby awhile back for being too old at 36,
And Eminem's almost 41 now....Eminem's about as culturally relevant now as Run DMC.
He's gonna like an idiot, a white guy rapping when he's 50 in only 8 short years, so he knows his rap career is nearing end
very quickly.


Damn, hella haters in here! Haha, Eminem is one of the best ever. There are plenty of shit rappers out right now that get respect that is undeserved. Rap has definitely fallen off recently with Wayne, Gucci, Future, and the rest of those terrible rappers who spew shit that makes no sense. There are only a few good rappers out right now.


My list of favorite rappers:

  1. Eminem
  2. Ludacris
  3. Bobby Ray

Not in any particular order, but its probably close. I like Eminem because when he first started, he rapped about his experiences, his life, and he bs in the world. I respected that - and it didn't all revolve around 40's, blunts, bitches (until the D12 album which was hilarious). I like Ludacris because he has a good flow to his songs, they are usually awesome (Area Codes, How Low, etc.) and he's just got a cool attitude. Bobby Ray has been growing on me the past few months, I listen to his "station" on Jango. I like the things he has to say in some of his songs, and his music isn't again, the same crap over and over again.

I can't tolerate rap much anymore. Especially since they seem to be running out of things to rap about - quite literally I've listened to songs where they've repeated one line like 10 times... I guess that's legitimate rhyming? Eminem is past his time, and if he's truly that old, he needs to grow up. If he hasn't learned from being poor about saving his money, then he is and will be a fool and I'll have lost any respect for him. Time to let someone else take the crown.




How old did you think he was?
A Baby BORN when his debut album in '96 came out has grown up
and graduated High School already.
Time flies.


The second one is pretty good.

The "Eminem" in both of them are fine, but the guitars are a little over the top in the first one. Da fuq?

No love for Recovery here? When I was growing up I never really liked or disliked Eminem, and then his recovery album brought me back into it. Seriously it's one of his best albums and all but a few songs are pretty damn good.

And yes Bad Meets Evil was bad ass! Eminem and Royce make an awesome duo.


I was feeling the licenced to ill vibe, and now I know why. Rick mothafunckin Rubin. He just makes stuff that sounds good, no matter who the artist is.


Isn't this every single Rapper though?


I don't think it matters how old he gets. If his music is good, then he'll be successful. All you need is for people to know who you are and obviously Eminem has no problems with that. Unless he puts out a shit album, he'll be fine as long as he wants to keep rapping.

His flow has been evolving (just like any rapper with a long career) over the years and different albums and yes, he has the same message in a lot of songs, but really, what rapper doesn't?

As long as the beats are good and he keeps murdering the mic, it really doesn't matter. He still makes almost every one he does a song with look bad, even as he has gotten older. That's really how he got himself back into the game after all the drug shit, doing songs with Lil Wayne, Drake, etc. and basically reminding people that he's a straight-up better rapper than they are.


I honestly don't pay that much attention to celebrities, stars, etc. I proceed and pay attention to what is important in my life. He could probably turn 70, and if the music is still decent, or it comes out on the radio, I'll listen. I don't attribute my life/age/whatever to that of others that aren't involved in my personal life.


Hip hop is about...used to be BARS. Eminem is well-known for spitting killer BARS. Listen to Bezerk and tell me where the BARS are.


On a side note DAMN and Kanye's new daughter looks just like him!


His verse on Forever has rightfully become infamous. He just went in and spit bar after bar after bar. This latest track has a sloppy flow and some weak-ass metaphors.

Kendrick Lamar has made using alternative flows in a song popular right now. Eminem seems to be the latest MC to jump on the bandwagon.