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New email addy

Guys, take note that if you want to send me questions, comments, requests or critiques my new email adress is the_beast@t-mag.com

Christian, just wanted to say your addy kicks the crap out of mine. I’ll probably start emailing you on a daily basis just because “the_beast” looks so bad-ass on my screen.

That is all.

Well, the first thing that comes to mind when I see “the beast” are those adds in the back of the muscle rags with the monkey pounding his fist for some homeopathic sublingual anabolic spray.

But otherwise, it's a darn sweet email address.

Hey hey! That was the point … furthermore imagine the possiblilities: “The beast training video, The beast training manual” :slight_smile:

Nevermind when you do telephone consultations: "The number of the Beast"

Man, if I knew I was going to get a cool t-mag email address, I’d do a ton of articles for them too.

Testosterone should set a private, T-Nation sort of email service, methinks, which supports extended address lengths. For example:

unsatisfiedwithcurrentstrength levelsbutslowlygaining @testosterone.net

The number of the beast … that’s fantastic! I’ll certainly use it!