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I am currently using the second stage of EDT and am ready to put together a new regimen. I was just wondering if any of my fellow EDTers out there had any suggestions about individual movements or movement combinations. Any imput would be appreciated. Long Live EDT

After completing sage two of EDT I used stage two again but hte second time through I switched the exercises that I used machines for to free weights and the freeweight exercises to machines. Gives it a whole new feel.

I guess I could do the opposite of what you did and switch to machines. I had already switch most of the machine excercises to free weights. Have you thought about adding any shoulder specific work?

I, too, completed the first one and was very happy. If you don’t already I would split your four workouts like Ian King does (push,pull,ham,quad), because you can do more exerices in part II it will be a lot easier. Personal opinion, give up some chest work and donate to shoulder press. Also flip your grip on bicep work, most people’s brachs don’t get enough work.

Check out Alessi’s articles on booming biceps and bone cracking bench for how to test for weaknesses, that will probably help you better organize exercises for phase II.

When your program gets up and rolling this time around let us know how you progress.

Sammy thanks for the flip the grip suggestion. I’ll keep that in mind when I piece the new regimen together. Thanks for the help fellas.