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New EDT Book Coming Out: Staley Needs Testimonials!

Hey guys and gals…I’ve got some cool news and a great opportunity for you…

You’re the first to hear this…

I’m in the final stages of an EDT arm training book, due out this fall. When you see the stuff I’ve got coming, you’ll completely freak— I’m super happy with how this iss turning out.

Now, here’s the opportunity: I’ve been hearing just amazing stories of how much tprogress some of you are making on EDT training. I need some great testimonials for the book. So, those of you who are making great gains with EDT, please send me your testimonial, along with your full name and city to edt@myodynamics.com. If I use your testimonial (and PLEASE don’t fabricate anything just to get in on this!) in the book, I’ll send you a free autographed copy when the book comes out in a few months. I really like some of the testimonials I’ve seen in the forums, but I can’t use them without a full name and city.

Thanks, please take advantage!