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New Eating Guidelines


From the government. Probably the most reasonable thing they've said in decades on the subject.


Did somebody say food. Sorry Irish carry on.



I'm just glad they're finally saying, "Hey fat fucks, Stop eating so damn much."


^ Agreed, When I counsel patients on weight loss and health. First thing I tell them "You can never eat fast food again" Amazingly this will drop normal peoples weight very quickly.


How many m(b)illions of dollars for the government geniuses to come up with these "No shit, Sherlock" conclusions?


LOLZ @ the new avatar.


^ Its just your tax dollars Steely I call and get mine sent to homeless people.


I used to heckle several of my nutrition professors by repeatedly asking, "You're telling me I gotta learn all this to tell people to eat less and eat more fruits and vegetables?!!!"