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New Drol ?

I’ve been running 100 mgs drol for the past week and while the pumps are for real. The stomach discomfort and moodiness are also. So I’m considering running 25-50 mgs of dbol in the morning and then 50 mgs drol later in the day before I lift. My idea behind doing this would be that I’d minimize the time during the day my appetite sucks so I could eat more. The total dose would still be 100 or maybe even 75. Plus I’d have the feel good effects of dbol through most of the day with the aggression of drol when I’m in the gym and don’t have to interact with as many people. This isn’t written in stone just throwing the idea around. Let me know what you think.

Have you tried taking the drug with food? - say breakfast, lunch and supper?

I’ve found if I take it with oatmeal it helps a bit.

If you try it let us know if it helps.

I have been taking 75mgs with breakfast which is about the only time I have been really hungry in the last two weeks. The rest of the day I have noticed a decreased appetite.

I think I am going to try taking it in the evening and see if anything changes.