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New Dr. Dre Song With Jay-Z,


For anyone who remembered about Detox:

Maybe unfinished, seeing as how there's no hook, and it was supposed to be a single.

First reaction: Eeehhhh. The main part of the beat is nice, but the other stuff added in is annoying. Jay did fine, and Dre's got a different flow which is good compared to his old flow.

This was supposedly co-produced by Scott Storch btw.


Video's already down. After a very quick search I couldn't find what was real and what was an internet fake so I gave up -- the same way I gave up on waiting for Detox 3 years ago.


Sorry about that.


This should work, if youtube's taking down the vids too quickly.


Fuck you, that beat is fire.






WTF are you talkin' about? Dre sounds the same as he always has....awesome, sounds the same as '85...'99..forgets chonic 2001 and runs away


Funny, it doesn't sound like a Dre beat at all.


If you didn't notice him trying something new with his rapping on this track you probably never listened to him much. Especially the part after Jay's verse. It ain't hard to tell.


Some stuff that leaked a while back that isn't confirmed for the album:

^Pretty sure that's T.I. doing a reference track for Dre to follow when he raps on that beat. Like on his last album, Dre's gonna have some big name rappers ghostwriting his lyrics on Detox. Jay-Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Drake, T.I., are all apparently writing. Possibly co-produced by DJ Khalil.

Another one with T.I.:

This is just my opinion, but it sounds like Jay wrote Dre's lines on Under Pressure, which isn't a stretch at all.


Larry, Dre's been my favorite rapper since kindergaden. lol

If he is trying anything new, its matching the tempo of the beat...which I think was a colab and not solely Dre's. Plus, if Dre doesnt speed his vocals, he'd never match Jay because they have differing accents. Remember how he switched up for "Forgot about Dre" to match Em?...but on "Still" he was slow...
Sounds exactly the same to me....I have everything from before NWA up until now and yea, nothing is jumping out as HOLY SHIT NEW.


Em wrote Dre's stuff on Forgot about Dre. If you see him trying to match a rapper's flow on a song he's doing with them, it because they probably wrote his lines and gave him a reference track to copy when he rapped.

His voice and and flow on the part after Jay's verse jump out at me as a change.

BTW, I'd make fun of you for having a producer as your favourite rapper, but... Kanye West, hehehehe. I can't :D.


This song is shit and Hov is whack.

Dre'd better polish the fuck out of this song if he's planning on making Detox worth the 11 year wait.


Dre, is always gonna drop good shit. There can be no doubt, he doesn't produce record quantity he produces Quality! I got love for Dre.