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New Doctor Wants Higher T

Hey peoples! Been a few years since I posted here. I have recently gotten a new doctor since I have had poor care the last few years. New guy seems to really know his stuff. My only question I have is that he wants to keep my total T between 1000-1200. Is that ok long term if everything else is kept in check? Im 30 years of age.


Yep. Well wait, where does your total T sit right now?

Higher testosterone is generally healthier as long as hematocrit is within reason.

Long Story short… T was at 463 (range 280-1100)… That’s why the doctor change.

We’re going to keep hematocrit at 45-48%

Wouldn’t it make more sense to treat the symptoms rather then aiming for specific numbers? But I guess you can always go down if needed.

It would make a lot of sense to do that but I am not the doctor. I am just glad that I have finally found a decent doctor in my city. I had a good doctor at the beginning but then moved out of state. For the last 3 years; I am on my 3rd doctor. The first one tried to switch me to a 100mg shot every 2 weeks and when my e got up to the mid 60’s he didn’t care. My second doctor told me at our first meeting that he wouldn’t have given me T when my levels were 300 and my symptoms were atrocious… and when my levels got back to 450 and my free T dropped below range… he did not care. So I would rather have a doctor who will keep my T high than doctors who don’t know what they are doing. I just wanted to make sure those numbers were safe long term.

That’s going to depend on what your Free T is at that level, and as you know, what your HCT does over time. High HCT in and of itself is not necessarily a game changer, unless platelets are getting high as well.

How’s your BP?

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Blood pressure is good. Generally I am a very healthy human being. Just poor hormones.

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Keep tabs on the BP. If it starts going up under normal circumstances, it could be an indicator for you that HCT is getting high.

Yes, especially if you are doing well, symptoms over numbers. Keep in mind there are millions of people living at altitude with high hematocrit levels doing just fine. In fact, they have an increased life expectancy and decreased risk of heart disease.

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Where is free t. Total t does not matter . Yes ranges drop every couple years. 20 years ago I suspect free t was in the 30s for max and now it’s 21. 2 years ago I believe it was 25.

So don’t worry about total t look at free t and trust your doc. Who did you choose?

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Run lab work often when starting out. If Hematocrit RBC blood pressure and etc spike you can lower a little.