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New Doctor on Friday

Hello, great forum. I have an appointment friday with a dr that has a good reputation and is at an anti aging clinic. My GP tested my T after I asked her to after coming to her for years with pain issues, nothing working like it should ran down you name it, never though to pull my T levels.

She did they were 300 total and 12 free. She said, you should consider supplementing it. I said hell yea. Put me on Axiron. Felt amazing, like a human being for 3 weeks, then bam a brick wall. Worse than before,went to her, told her I wanted estradiol checked, 37, asked for AI and she reluctantly wrote it. It helped some, but I got my T checked again, it had dropped to 240 total. This before I started Arimidex.

So I call up there, said I want to go on shots as I think the Axiron has quit working on me. She finally said she did not know how to treat me. Damn, wish you had said so before I spent 500 bucks on office visits. I have no insurance. So I found this new doc, should I just feel him out and let him see what he needs to do? Or what should I push him to do. The creams and stuff I feel are a waste of money and, to feel like I did for 3 weeks again from now on, a shot a week is worth it.

Any advice would be appreciated.

If you had read the stickies would know that what happened to you is a symptom of hypogonadism and you would be seeking labs for TSH, fT3, fT4. You would also be checking your body temperatures and posting here. Start with the advice for new guys sticky.

Aside from thyroid issues, some will absorb then that stops. None of that is well understood.

Do not create new threads for your “case”, keep everything in one thread so we have a full context. Otherwise we have a chat room. You can edit any of you posts.