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New Doctor / Blood Levels / Please Advise

I have been on trt for 2.5 months and feel amazing. I was initially going through a local weight management clinic but it was to expensive. Before I was on T, my levels were TT 191 and my FT was at 4.9. At first I was taking the cream (200mg, applied twice a day) and after the first month, my levels were: TT 850, FT 9.1.

Going into the second month, for many reasons, I decided to do injections. I have been doing 100mg cyprionate injections twice a week. Its been working great, but as I said, the cost is too much. I decided to go through my VA hospital for cost purposes, but they want me to come in and get blood work done. And they are saying that they like to keep the levels between 300-750.

I’m assuming since starting injections, my levels have gone up even more. I’m affraid that I’ll go in for blood work and they will lower me down to be within their range. I want to try and circumvent that by lowering my dose or skipping a dose before my test to get my levels within their range. My question is (and I know everyone is different, but I need a ballpark idea) how quickly will my TT and FT lower after my last injection. If I wait a week and a half, will that be enough time to lower my levels?

Thanks for you help.

yes, levels will be lower