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New Doc Wants Baseline. How Long to Stop TRT?

I started on the week of October 14 and took my last shot of testosterone c this past Friday, March 7th. I was take 100 mg’s split twice a week and 750iu’s of HCG 3 times a week. I was on for 21 weeks.

I am now going to the VA for care. They said that even though I have 2 labs showing under 300, they need their lab to show it. The doc just said stop taking the testosterone for a month and come back for a test.

I know this sounds like a stupid question but…what’s going to happen? Will my nuts shrink? Should I stop the HCG too? Is a month long enough? My pre TRT numbers are 290 and 277. What do you think they’ll be in a month?


No way to tell for sure, but you’ll likely be lower than your original baseline. To get a good “low” number, I’d stay off of everything for a month, maybe 6 weeks. You shouldn’t have any sort of atrophy in that amount of time. If you do, they’ll come back once you restart the HCG.

I was on T creams with a blood level of 300 (300-850) and was given a 200mg shot. I got blood work redone like 3 weeks later and my T level was 310 while still taking the creams. So 4-6 weeks is not an unreasonable period to attempt to reset back to your default mode assuming you were not abusing.

Your nuts will not shrink unless your LH levels were severely severely low and your body defaults back to really low LH. It would also take an extended time period of low LH to be endanger of any lasting atrophy.

IMO if your goal is to get a legit baseline it would be better to stop the HCG as well. HCG will skew LH and FSH levels if you are testing for them, and any good doctor should test for those hormones as well. To be safe you should call and ask.

Prey these doctors know what they are doing. Where I live every doctor has pushed for low dose creams even tho I have blood work showing it has been ineffective for me. If they conclude you are in need of HRT request your previous treatment assuming it has been working for you. There is nothing more frustrating than being forced down a treatment path by influenced doctors exposed to marketed testosterone campaigns and false information.