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New Doc, New Test Results

I saw a new doc a month ago, endo. he had me stop everything and get bloodwork done. Was off everything for about 2 or 3 weeks.

PSA 1.0 range 0.0- 4.0

free PSA .02

% free PSA 20L range >25%

Glycohemoglobin 4.9 range 4.0-6.0

FSH 1.1 range 0.7- 11.1
LH 2.2 range 0.8- 7.6
Prolactin 6.0 range 2.5- 17.0
Estradiol 40pg/ml

test, total 127L range 262-1593
test, free 15.2L range 46.0- 224.0
DHEA sulfate 227 range 80- 560

Fructosamine 230 range 190- 270
Dihydrotestosterone 21L range 25- 75
Androstenedione LC/MS/MS 35L range 50- 220

I go see him on Monday morning. Prior I was on Adrogel 4 pumps daily and have since been doing nothing once he told me to stop.

I think this Endo is the most promising doc I have seen yet. He agrees at my age, 41 I should be above normal with Test.
My estradiol # has me concerned isn’t 40 high? The number should be about 25?

I am going to suggest to him, if he doesn’t first suggest it, 100mg weekly of test cyp with an AI weekly as well.

Any suggestions or ideas?

Yes, that would be a good start, although you should ideally split those doses in half for twice weekly administration of both. See if he is agreeable to adding HCG to the mix. You are starting with a higher E2 and low T level so he might suggest more than the standard 1mg of Adex to start but it should taper down to that approximate level. Levels should be tested in 4-6 weeks and adjust as necessary depending on numbers and QOL. Good luck and report back what he recommend.

Thanx for the reply. Going to see him on Monday. I am not really to concerned with HCG for no other fact that I am done having kids. LoL

You neglected to mention what you were on before you stopped everything.

I have always wondered why endos make people do this (stop their treatment) for tests, but don’t wait long enough to really get an accurate assessment of true baseline. IF you have been on a longterm TRT protocol, you aren’t going to recover to your natural baseline in just a couple weeks. I guess it is just because most endos are clueless when it comes to this, as we have established ad nauseum.

I did say I was on 4 pumps daily of androgel 1.62% prior to my new Endo telling me to stop for new blood work. No AI or HCG.