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New Doc, Different Test

Hi all, I just changed Dr because my last one only did Dr. Injections once a week.

New test is in a different format. Not sure what bioavailable testosterone vs. Testosterone is. Also last doc wanted my free t to be over 15. This at 10.
How do these numbers look?

Now doing 200mg per week 3.5eod. Just started that protocol

You can not inject that much T with low SHBG like that, step away from the needle right now! Monday morning call your doctor and tell him/her their fired, seriously. You are going to be in a world of hurt if you continue on this insane protocol, please inject 50mg twice weekly. Read the sticky threads. You will likely need to inject EOD do to low SHBG, high free T and high E2.

That dosage will drive your already low SHBG into the floor and you’ll wonder why you feel the way you do. Your E2 will skyrocket do to your low SHBG. You will go through several doctors before you find one that knows what their doing, be prepared.

My SHBG before starting TRT was 25 and is now 18, your SHBG will most likely dip down below 15 and after a few weeks of starting TRT.

As an example my protocol with an SHBG of 18 looks like this, 18mg injected EOD. Skip your next injection and then inject 50mg twice weekly or 20mg EOD.

Your TSH is a problem and any doctor that doesn’t think so is wrong. TRT will not work unless thyroid is optimal so I wouldn’t expect much from TRT.

Where is fT3, fT4, rT3 and T4? Optimal thyroid is closer to 1.0.

Hey syslord,

Maybe there’s some misunderstanding. I posted this a couple of weeks ago and your advice was to go to 3.5 eod because I was taking 220mg once a week.

This is my bloodwork before switching to 100mg 3.5

told my doc to do a thyroid test and all he did was t3. I hate dr. Said thyroid was normal

Don’t post multiple threads for the same problem if you want him to help you properly ! Please try to stay in your first thread.

You’re right my apologies.

How do we reconsile the posts?

Hmm I don’t know but it will be easier for everyone to follow your story ! So many similar stories in here it’s getting confusing .