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New DL Variation


I'd like to hear what you think of it:

Bottom half (or bottom third) deadlifts, for deadlifters who have problems with getting the bar off the floor.


Since it makes sense to strengthen the most difficult part (whichever that is for yourself) (for me, in the case of the DL, it's pulling the bar of the floor), and "full ROM" is just a catch term, used in relative terms to a certain exercise, since very few exercises go through a joints full ROM...
(the BP doesn't go through the full shoulder or triceps ROM, the DL doesn't go through the full glute/ham ROM, the military press doesn't go through full shoulder ROM, neither does the dip... triceps extensions rarely go through FULL ROM (except maybe pull-over extension combos) etc.)




Thanks. LOL. Well, this means my ideas aren't half bad (no, I didn't know mr. MR recommended it, too). :slightly_smiling:


I feel like constantly training to only pull the bottom 1/3 of the pull will have a negative impact on your competition technique. A rack/mat pull avoids this as you are training the last part versus the start, but even then some folks deviate their technique to a great degree on rack/mat pulls in order to lift greater weights as well.

If you are weak off the floor, speed work and deficit deads seem like a better strategy, along with just dialing in your technique.


I see some guys who use sheiko doing this.
I wouldn't do it, personally.


I go to deficits first.




I'm from this camp.


Overcoming isometrics with a moderate load against pins set at the sticking point in a squat rack?


Woe is us... it's almost impossible to come up with (good) new exercise variations without someone having thought of them long before...


Ah, whats the use? There are already so many variations that I'll never exhaust them in my life time haha, I usually reference this when picking a DL movement http://www.elitefts.com/documents/max_effort_deadlift.htm

Does anyone know if there is a similar efs list for squat movements? I can't seem to find one


Deficit, speed pulls and, deficit speed pulls.

It's simpler which means it'll probably work better.


So this is how the olympic coaches of yesteryear got their "battery of exercises"...


It is an OK exercise if you are weak off the floor. I've seen speed pulls, deficit deads, and snatch grip deads work much better. If you are using them to work a sticking point, I think you would be better off with something like an Iso-Mio deadlift (Pull to 15 degrees above or below sticking point, pause for 1-2 seconds, then pull to completion). This way you can maintain form. I have seen people do "bottom only" deadlifts and their form goes to shit when the hit the pins or go to put the weight down.

Personally, I wouldn't do any of this bullshit. Pulls against/with bands, with chains, for reps, and RDL's are the only exercises that actually put pounds on my total... which is all that matters.


Primarily pulling against bands took me from 525 to 585.


Thank you everyone for your input.

Wouldn't these be useful instead of deficit/snatch grip deads if you don't have the mobility required to keep your back flat?


Id work on improving that mobility. Taking care of yourself is necessary to lift heavy stuff and keep lifting heavy stuff. But sometimes this isn't for everyone .


I think it would be more useful to work on your mobility. This is why we have all of these exercise variations... because someone at some point was too tight/weak to do a useful exercise.


Thank you, and thank you STB.


Why are you trying to keep your back flat on a deadlift? Nobody who's anybody in deadlift does.