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New DL PR Today! :)


484lbs (220kgs) .. :wink: lightweight too, came up controlled and fast, i think 550 (250kgs) is well within reach this year!



was this a raw lift.


Sick job...




Man, that kicks ass!



I could add that i weigh 231lbs! the lift was with a loose metal v-squatter. I had a normal workout last night, some squats with knee-wraps, and a lot of deadlifts, i was planning to do squats with suit too, but didn't feel up to it.. but at the end of the deadlift-part of the evening i felt that well.. i should try a few heavy lifts, the first attempt on 220kg was impossible.. but one of the older guys in the PL-club gave me a "scolding" and told me to get a grip, that did the trick, the next attempt flew up! shows how much attitude and focus has to do with things.. :slight_smile:


Congrats on the lift!!


well done! attitude is everything!


Good luck with 550!




Deadlifts are pretty much ALL raw, 15lbs is about all most people get out of suits, thus why the DL record is much lower than the squat record.


That's not true. You also get to have your testicles rammed up by the DL suit. HA!

Seriously though, I'm sure there are guys out there getting much more than 15 lbs. especially if using a sumo stance. It's stupid to say X is what most people get out of suits.

How do you know? Did you poll 1000 different PLers that use deadlift suits?


I pull sumo and I get about 75 out of a pair of briefs......Don't ask me how, I just get a great carryover from my equipment on all 3 lifts.


Congrats on the PR!!


I capitulate, I didn't consider sumo pullers. I'm a conventional and I just thought about the testicles thing...

I haven't ever done sumo with a suit so I couldn't tell.

Carryover still isn't a vast as a squat suit though.

And I'm relying on what a lot of the guys on my powerlifting team tell me they get. It's not completely unfounded.

But let's not take away from Adamsson.

Mighty pull sir, mighty pull!


my metal squatter gave me 50lbs easy and almost 95 on a sumo pull.


i got my DL record today too. I got 500 at around 175-180 bodyweight. Feels good to lift a quarter ton.


Lots of people get much more than that, I know the two kids I lift with get at lest 50 lbs, and Priscilla Ribic claims to get an addition 25% out of her suit.


For those of us beginners...what suit? I'm not following. Pardon the naievity.


No, not raw, he used hand chalk which gave him an extra half pound. He also wore shorts and a tshirt which totally discredits the lift.

Actually there was only one true RAW lift in history.........