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New Dino Species Found


This is just badass...'bet even the 'Raptors kept their
distance from these Horny ones.



the horns were curved so it would be difficult to gore a raptor.


What was I thinking, The Horns were there decoration then?

The drawing is clearly embellished, but how exactly do you figure the difficulty of this Dino goring any living creature including a
Raptor due to the curvature of it's Horns?
'Seems the curvature of the Horns would be worse than a gore anyway and would trap it 'fish hook' style
while mutilating it's enemies.
And there's not that much evidence 'Raptors weren't anymore or less aggressive than most dinosaurs as first thought.
''Jurassic Park'' practically brainwashed people into thinking they could figure out how to open doors as well.


Probably a result of sexual selection.


Imagine a Spanish Fighting Bull vs a wild turkey, and you will have an accurate picture of a "battle" between this new ceratopsian and the dreaded raptor.

It doesn't come naturally for fans of Jurassic Park and King Kong to think of velociraptor as being 35 pounds, two feet tall and covered in feathers, but that's just what it was. A meat-eating turkey with a long tail and curvy claws on its toes.


Cool they found Dino!


I believe the Raptors in Jurassic park were supposed to be the (then-theoretical, but they found the bones later) Utahraptors. Much larger.


If so, that would make more sense, but Crichton very clearly identified them as "Velociraptors" in the book. The velociraptor was speedy and doubtless quite vicious--imagine a reptilian bull terrier--but not very impressive on screen. It was the dinosaur equivalent of the script calling for Woody Allen, and the director casting Arnold Schwarzenegger instead. Something that actually happened, of course, in Total Recall


See, I never knew that. Huh.


That would have been a different movie all together.


Oh, yeah. Total Recall is based on a short story by Philip K. Dick called We Can Remember it for You Wholesale (Dick was a genius at coming up with sci-fi concepts; titles, not so much). The protagonist is named Douglas Quail (they changed it to "Quaid" for the movie), a wimpy whiny little salaried office worker whose only ambition in life is to take a trip to Mars. And in the story, he never actually goes to Mars.

Hey, Karado, let's see how many more of your threads I can turn into discussions of Verhoeven movies!


Promise me you won't make any mention of Showgirls. Please, for the love of science.


That will depend entirely on the subject matter chosen by our friend Karado here.


Let's hope he's not a Saved By The Bell super-fan preparing for the reunion.