new diet

I’m starting a new routine next week and I decided to start a healthier diet. I’m interested in either the T-Dawg Diet or the Anabolic diet (Eat Like a Man). I think the T-Dawg diet would be easy to follow since they give you a sample diet to follow during the week. In the anabolic diet, they just say to eat a diet consisting of 60% fat, 35% protein, and 5% carbs on the weekdays, and 30% fat, 10% protein, and 60% carbs. They do say that the carbs should be no more than 30 grams per day during the week, but I’m really not too sure of how many grams of fat and protein I should consume. So if anybody can help me out here, I’d appreciate it. Also if anyone has tried either of these diets, what were the advantages and disadvantages of them. Thank you for your help.


Remember that Shugart has modified the T-Dawg to include 100 grams of carbs per day on training days, and 70 on nontraining days. As for protein, I like a gram per pound of bodyweight, a little less if you’re really fat.

The T-dawg diet specifically states .8 gr of prot per lb of bw. The reason for this is excess protein can easily be converted to usable glucose. Is this your first real attempt at dieting? If so I would suggest reading Chris Suggarts article ‘The missing ingredient’ and start keeping a food log. That excercise alone will keep your cals in check more than usual and you will get an idea of what you put in your pie hole. I would start there. A diet like t-dawg or any of the body building diets found here can have adverse effects on newbies. The only one that is really safe but not as quick is Don’t diet diet by John B. Check this stuff out.

I tried the T-Dawg diet with the 30g carb limit and had to stop after only two days because I had non-stop headaches to the point where I could barely function.
I tried playing around with the carbs a bit, and the headaches went away but my strength went down too.

Keeping my carb limit around 100-120 seems to be working well. No headaches and my poundages moved up.

Knuckledragger: Just wondering, what do you mean when you say that certain diets can have adverse effects on newbies?