New Diet

It’s called the get your jaw wired shut diet. Last Tuesday, I’d just finished my leg day:
Back Squats: 225 10x3
Deadlifts: 225 10x3
Stiff-legged Deadlifts: 135 3x10

and I cleaned the bar to put it back on the rack. I’d been getting tunnel vision toward the end of my sets. I turned around and fell out, my chin hitting the corner of the squat rack. 11 stitches and 4 screws later, my jaw’s wired shut, and I’m on a medical equivalent of the V-diet. This blows. I’m mid bulk and slamming 6 - 7 shakes a day and still losing weight.

Does anyone have any good recipes? I’m on liquids for another 5 weeks, and I’m already a lean 165 on my 5’11" frame.

Tuna, EVOO, V8 blended shakes

Raw eggs blended into anything you can stomach

I would just accept that youre gonna lose some weight though.

Tough luck man, sorry to hear it.

Natural peanut butter+evoo+2 scoop protein

egg white + orange juice

Tuna shakes, I’ve said it numerous times before. They’re not as bad as you’d think.

I like them.