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New Diet : Tips and Suggestions


Hi Guys
Starting this new diet i devised. The main goal is to get me in the shape on my life (performance wise :Cooper, beep test, max dips and pull-ups) for some police tests.

Right now I'm standing at 220 pounds about 15% bf

The diet is 2800 cals
30 40 30
300p 210c 84f

1 : 6 eggs, 50g oat dry, 1 banana

2: 200g lean Meat, 200g Brown rice veggies

3 : shake 50p 30c 4f

4 : 200g lean Meat, 200g Brown rice, 1 Apple, veggies

5 : 200g lean Meat, veggies, 30 almond

6: shake : 30p

I get the nutrition values from nutritiondata.com

I switch it up between the carb sources, i keep it low gi.

Ive been doing something similar in the past with great result but now im looking for advices or some fine tuning you guys could share with me.

Like, in the progression ill probably change thing up every 2 week or so. As I Will drop carbs by 30-45grams do you suggest i bump the prots and or fat? And when? Or should Just i keep trimming off total calories?

For cardio, i respond better to liss so ill stick to that. Starting with 3x20 minutes /week. Gradually building up to 5x35 minutes.

I intend this diet to lenght 16 weeks. Like i Said its almost a bodybuilding prep... Minus the trunks

Hope its clear, as you might have guessed English is not my first language.



Looks reasonable. Good luck.


Is the 15% BF a guess? You look pretty damn lean.


Yeah to the last poster’s point, you don’t look like you have a ton of fat to lose if your goal is physical performance. You’re at the point where you’d really only need to diet for a bodybuilding/physique competition


well guys, my profile pic is from this past may ! I was prepping for a bb competiton ! Im quite fatter now haha