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New Diet, Surprising Results

I think these machines are good for monitoring changes. I think they are accurate at telling you where the fat is. On my first scan, i thought it was BS the amount of fat my arms had. Then I took an honest look and agreed with the reading.

I wish I still had access to the machine.

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Btw I want to make sure I’m measuring my rice correctly as now that I’m eating more carbs I’m cooking my own instead of buying the instant packs. 2 cups of jasmine rice is around 100g carbs right? How many grams is that when weighed. 400g?

Never do a body fat test after cardio. The readings will be far from accurate. In Body are hit or miss, the newest ones seem to be getting better, but still nothing like a dexa scan.

Always test fasted, before cardio and weights.

So looking for opinions. With new diet I have put on half a percent of body fat, but I have put back on 3.4 pounds of muscle. Should I continue with this, or back off on carbs a bit. Maybe low day-instead of 275 making it 200g carbs, moderate day- instead of 325 making it 300g carbs, and high day- instead of 500g making it 400g of carbs.

Thoughts? Obviously the diet is helping me put muscle back on fast and I’d think 3.4 pounds of muscle for half a percent of body fat would be considered great. Do you think my body will kind of even out and fat gain will slow? As I am just coming off being on such a caloric deficit. Or do you think I should back off of carbs. Any help would be greatly appreciated! @aaronca I know your very knowledgeable in this aspect

If anyone wants specifics of what I’m eating I can add that as well( all carbs from jasmine rice, cream of rice, and two bagels after training) (all protein from chicken , bison, egg whites, shakes) I’m also going back to doing fasted cardio every morning rather then 4 times a week.

I will say I like the look I’m getting. All of my muscles feel much fuller and thicker. Especially my arms, legs, and back. Really filling back out and strength is sky rocketing.

If I can never get my waist down to below a 32, I’ll just continue to widen my shoulders like a motherfucker to create the illusion of a small waist. Fuck my stomach lmao

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Remind me of your cycle, current diet, size, etc
I will say … I would never adjust my diet based on.5% change from a home scale reading.

I’m training a gal now that uses the in-body. She reads between 15-17%, but dexa has her 19.6%. If she weighs twice back to back, often it’s 1-2% off. Women have more inconsistent readings, but .5% over a couple readings wouldn’t be enough to have me questioning my diet.

If you’re on cycle, and eating a surplus, depending on the drugs you’re using, you may up body fat just a bit.

Refresh my mind with all your stats, cycle, food, and goals. I can try to take a peak.

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I’m 6”1, 210 pounds, 29 years old ( turn 30 in a month fml) body fat is reading at 15.5 now.
High carb days (leg and back days)
500 g carbs 350 G protein
Meal 1- two scoop protein shake 3/4 cup dried cream of rice
Meal 2- container of eggwhites(cosco container has 50g protien 250 cals, I drink them) 2 cups(roughly) jasmine rice
Pre workout meal- 8 ounce chicken 2 cups jasmine rice
Post workout meal- two scoop protein shake, two bagels plain
Dinner- 8 ounce chicken , 2 cups jasmine rice
Meal 6- container egg whites
Before bed- 2 scoop protein shake

Moderate carb day(chest day shoulder day) 325g(300-325 iN all honesty) carbs 350 G protein
Meal 1- 3/4 cup dried cream of rice two scoop protein shake
Meal 2 - egg white conatiner(250 cal 50g protein)
Preworkout meal- 2 cups jasmine rice, either 8 ounce of chicken or 6 ounce bison 2 ounce chicken.
Post workout- 2 scoop protein shake two plain bagels
Dinner- 8 ounces bison or chicken
Meal 6- egg whites
Bedtime- 2 scoop protein shake
Low carb days(arm days rest day)275g carbs 350g protein
Meal 1 -1/2 cup Cream of rice, 2 scoop protein shake
Meal 2- egg whites
Preworkout- 2 scoop jasmine rice, 8 ounce chicken
Post workout- 2 bagels 2 scoop protein shake
Dinner- 8 ounce bison or 8 ounce chicken
Meal 6 - egg whites
Bedtime- 2 scoop protein shake

I eat every 2-3 hours depending on how long my day is. Generally every 2 hours except between pre and post workout meals(pre workout meal 60-90 mins before training, 1 in a half to 2 hours training then post workout meal)

I am doing fasted cardio for 30 minutes on the stair master every morning while taking yohimbine and l tyrosine.
I lift 6 days a week.
May start adding some hiit back in if needed

I’m actually just on cruise atm(250mg a week)

BUT I just found out that the last cycle I ran all my gear was underdosed, so i was probly basically just above cruise the whole cycle if not under lmao. But yeah now on real 250mg test a week

Man, you’re bigger than me, you should be giving me advice!

You gained ~1lb of fat and 3.4lb of muscle according to your scale. If that’s true, id take that trade every single day.

But seriously… few questions I have are, where are your fats coming from? You’re doing a lot of egg whites and no whole eggs? No veggies?

I’d personally space your meals 3-4 hours apart for the largest spikes in MPS. 3-4 hours should not affect MBP, although my metabolism being so fast I try stick to 3 hours. (Minor details, not detrimental).

Your carb cycling looks decent man. Make sure your moderate carb days fall on days before legs and back. Going into a leg day where you had low carbs the day before is not setting yourself up for the best success.

Eat Dave’s killer whole grain bagels instead of some all white crap, personal opinion.

All of you carb intake is also dependent on what time you wake up, what time you work out, etc. Nothing looks bad. I didn’t run your RMR or TDEE, but I’m assuming you have.

Biggest take away… if you’re gaining muscle, small amounts of fat are pretty normal during muscle building phases. Plus your scale I can promise isn’t dead on accurate every morning. If you weigh on a morning after a low carb vs high carb day, I would bet your scale is different.

Keep it up man, sounds like you’re doing well. If you want a substitute for lower glycemic rice, try Basmati rice!

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I wouldn’t say that. Every inch is worth 5-10lbs and he’s fairly tall. So while technically yes that doesn’t mean much to me. For example at 5’7" 200lbs I look a lot more ‘jacked’ them my fellow 6’+ gym goers at 210-220 even. Not solely my opinion either, its also what they tell me.


You are way more jacked than me and I weigh 230 (sometimes after a lot of carbs) at 6’5”.


Thanks man! And I don’t think I’m bigger then u even if I was ur way more aesthetically pleasing then me lol i actually was going to ask about WhT you’d recommend on fats. That’s where I’m the weakest knowledge wise. I get fats from the bison but yeah I know I need to add some nuts in I’m just not sure when. I do eat veggies tho not as many as I should, anytime I snack that’s what I eat. Usually carrots or green bean or broccoli but I should def eat more.

And you def made me feel better about the fat gain. I’m just all in my head cuz I just lost a ton of fat so I’m just like super paranoid I’ll gain it back lol

I’ve seen those bagels I’ll def try them! Also I didn’t realize basmati had a higher glycemic index. I literally just chose jasmine cuz my trainer mentioned to eat it once lol maybe I’ll give basmati a try I actually like it better than jasmine anyways.

Thanks for taking the time out to read my diet and all that brother​:facepunch::facepunch::facepunch::facepunch: really appreciate it. Makes me feel a lot more confident in what I’m doing

Also I def agree with the height stuff. One of my good friends is like 6”4 and he is scrawny and weighs like 20 pounds more then me

First of all, that was a typo, for basmati rice, I meant lower glycemic, my apologies. Was typing to you while on the elliptical :rofl:

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I get the fear of fat gain given where you came from, but it’s almost impossible to gain muscle without a little fat. Its ten times easier I should say to gain muscle and fat, and then shed some fat. But a 3lb Muscle to 1lb fat ratio is legit. Theoretically (not that easy), you could gain 12lbs of muscle and 4lbs of fat?! Who wouldn’t take that deal, fat ain’t all that hard to lose with a little cardio and dialed in diet.

Broccoli is phenomenal for you and can actually aid in muscle building. Eat it 1-2 times a day at least.


6’5 is a nice presence to have though. It’s definitely intimidating and I wish you could give me a few of those spare inches LOL.


Just realized I’ve been measuring my cream of rice wrong, been using a half a cup measuring cup on accident instead of 1/4 cup​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: so been eating double every morning​:joy::joy:. I’m an idiot now wonder I was putting on fat lmao. Well now that I figured that out I bet my fat gain goes down

Cream of rice is rice pudding right? That stuff is the best, I used to make my own

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It’s a lot like grits

But hey my muscle went up even more lol almost another pound

I hate to break it to you, but if I’m reading your scale correctly, it’s seriously not accurate. If it is saying you put on 4lbs of lean muscle in 1 week, it’s not accurate. You can’t put on 1lb is muscle in 24 hours. Which is what you’re has reported several times.


Yeah I figured it’s off lol. But I’m assuming it atleast means that I am indeed gaining muscle, just not as much as it’s telling me. Even if I’ve only gained half that or even a quarter of that I’m happy