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New Diet, Surprising Results

So I went from being on a cutting diet with carb cycle and in a high test regiment. (500 e a week with 100 test prop eod) Ended the cut cuz I got stuck and wasn’t losing anymore weight and metabolism had slowed.

I’ve now greatly increased my calories, and am cruising on 250 Test e a week. Yet my body fat is now going down again and my muscle is going back up. I’m down to 14 percent body fat now and muscle staying the same or going up everyday. Strength up. Really amazing what the human body does with the right amount of food. Guessing all the new carbs have just sky rocketed my metabolism again?

This is my current diet.

Back and leg days- 500g carbs 350g protein

Shoulder and chest days- 350g carbs 350 G protein

Arm and rest day- 275 g carbs 350 g protien

This was originally supposed to be a maintenance diet. I’ve also greatly reduced my cardio. Only doing fasted cardio 3-4 times a week now rather then 7 and have completely cut out HIIT

how do you know you’re 14% body fat?

My body composition scale
Could be off a little Ofcourse, but relative to what it tells me I’ve dropped more body fat

You look to be around 14-15% body fat from the limited pics you posted in the other thread.

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Yeah I was at 15 and now it’s dropped to 14, that’s why I figured the scale is pretty accurate cuz it seemed to be in the right range of body fat for me

What scale? Everyone one I’ve had is junk, but Dex is pretty accurate with guessing BF ask I trust his word. Curious to know which brand you have. I just had a dexa scan done.


It’s actually a super cheap one believe it or not. Had great reviews and my girlfriend just ordered it for me a few weeks ago. Seems to work pretty well. Connects to your phone through Bluetooth. Funny thing is the insanely expensive in body at my gym is COMPLETELY wrong. That thing puts me at 5 percent body fat​:joy::joy::joy: also you have to take it at the same time every morning while fasted. Food can fuck it up. In the reviews people have compared the body fat this gave them to super expensive machines and it’s damn near the same

I have that same scale. Reads me at 23% LOL

I’ve tried 3 of em and all have been horrifically wrong. My dexa scan showed 14.5%, in body 12% and those home scales +/- 10%.

Did u put the scale in athlete mode?? If not try it on athlete mode.

It had me at like 27 percent before athlete mode lmao

Just as an experiment would u go to the app and put it on athlete mode and measure yourself id like to see what ur results are

Metabolic adaptation is a bitch. You did the right thing by upping the calories. Some guys just keep going deeper and deeper into deficit, and it works to a point, but taking a break from cutting and getting your body used to more calories is a good thing to do. It lets you reset maintenance and then go to deficit again.

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Kind of irritating how many think they can lose weight by plugging their stats into an online calculator, follow that exact caloric requirement as specified… But fail to realise genetic set-points, metabolic adaptation, exercise, macronutrient intake (spread) and more have profound implications within regards to losing weight.

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You’re so right. I moved along nicely, cut some fat, felt good…then hit a wall. My macros were on point, but my maintenance was clearly way lower than what the calculations said they should be. You have to feel out your own body and trust what you’re feeling and seeing, not what an arbitrary calculator tells you.

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Ofc you can. It doesn’t even matter how inaccurate it is. Also food labels are not fully Correct either. But as long you eat: pretty much the same each day and change the ratios according to results and body messages. You can and will lose weight. Ofc each of us has different ratios that we best respond to. However, constancy of adjustments to requirement is the key.

But yeah I agree: end result matters. Do it manner that works for your body type. But online Calc is good point to start then it’s just adjustments to suit your metabolism.

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Exactly. Calculations are also very subjective when referring to TDEE… what one person considers a physically active daily routine, might not actually be all that physically active.

Calculations put my RMR at 1800, I just had an RMR done and I burn 2,200 calories. That’s 400 calorie difference just in RMR. I believed my maintenance was about 3,500, and now realizing its 3700-3800 calories a day.

Everyone is incredibly different. Some can gain on 2200 calories a day, where as I would like malnourished at that.

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Jesus christ what a metabolism, you beast! Lol.


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Lol I’m one of these people… used to be the opposite… needed like 3000 cals to gain weight at a BW of like 120lbs… then I stopped growing (probably before I turned 16)… 2500 cals and I’ll gain… I gained significant fat mass on holiday eating on average like 2000 cals/day (if that)

Whoops, just remembered booze is quite calorically dense, Belgium didn’t exactly stock light beer. Lets make that 6000 calories per day (just kidding) probably about 2500-3000 (super unhealthy)… I’ve had like… two beers in the six weeks since I’ve gotten back…

It honestly sucks man. The cost of food is atrocious, and I have to plan my day around when I have to eat lol.

My muscle mass seems to be going up very well on this diet. The first measurement on the pictue( the 170) was taken at night when I was stuffed full of food so that one isn’t accurate. The other measurements were all taken at the same time every morning fasted

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I also did the in body at my gym this morning after morning cardio. The body fat percentage on that is god awful but I think the muscle readings are accurate. Here’s what I was january 18 and what I am today . Trunk has gained a lot of muscle

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