New Diet Idea

Would this work AS a Diet i dont need people telling me im a retard or anything. ok im 206 6" 1. It would be around 2500 calories split into as many meals as possible. lets say every 2 hours. thats 8 or 9 meals. I would take fish oil 15 grams or so. Also would use olive oil as fats. I would just eat lettuce, legumes, oatmeal, chicken and protein powder. what is the perfect ratio fat/carb/protein to lose weight? Would this work theres fat, carbs, fiber, and alot of protein.

There’s no magic number, see what works for you.

(That is about all I can say without calling you a retard)

HOnestly it may be the beatest and most boring diet ever… but what is wrong with it honestly ill have everything i need. ?

Why don’t you just read the nutrition articles around here. I’m not sure “going on a diet” is so much in order at most times as is “controlling your consumption”.

There is no perfect ratio to lose fat. People respond to different macros differently.  

I wont call you a retard, but before you ask someone to come up with the best ratios for losing weight, grab all the information you can. There are hundreds of articles here to help you lean out. 

 Also, when you start a diet saying "Im only going to eat...." you are in for failure. Dont limit yourself to certain foods. Granted, people tend to normally eat the same thing over and over again. I eat almost the same thing everyday.

 Focus on things like...
  • Im going to eat 6 meals a day
  • Im going to excercise everyday
  • Im going to train as hard as I can
  • Im not going to give in to temptation

Eat clean, at the right times, and in moderation. Worry about macros once that stops working.


For someone as tall as yourself, I think you are selling yourself short on the calories by a couple hundred.

I would highly recommend the AD (Anabolic Diet).

I went from a 3,000 calorie diet (high carb/high protein diet) to a 4,000+ calorie diet and lost 3-4 pounds in two weeks. Might of been water weight, but that isn’t bad considering I was just trying to maintain.

Check it out :wink: