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New Diet Fads of Today


What does everyone think of all the new diet trends that are out now? Like vertical diet, carnivore diet, fasting ect

Do you think they are fads, marketing, just a way for them to make money?

I do use alot of Stan Efferding’s vertical diet methods, and I like it. but if you think about it, it’s basic nutrition and common sense


Vertical is 100% marketting for financial gain.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

Everyone would do well with a basic nutrition course and a local farmers market and butcher.

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Vertical diet makes sense if you’re eating to support a 400lb bodyweight. No idea why so many folks NOT doing that are super into it. But probably the same reason the fat pad is so popular.


The fat pad is amazing! You shush your mouth!

For real though, telling people to drink juice for micro and phytonutrients just doesn’t make sense to me. Unless they can afford to have an extra 50g+ of sugar in their diet.


Makes sense to me for equipped lifting, since you’re going to be handling loads heavier than you could raw. I just see a lot of raw dudes who aren’t lifting that much weight that seem to like it, and I can’t figure that out.

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Honestly it’s probably just that I upgraded from 20 year old abused pads that were all smushed down to fat pads and have never gone back to anything but fatpads for 8 years now.

For narrow shouldered people they suck big time.


I’ve been benching on this for months


Setting some PRs too. Making me question the value of pads, haha.

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It’s all in our head. Generally.

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I wouldn’t go that far since the basic principles are solid, but there is too much promotion of Costco, plus Cheesecake Factory and the blood tests are supposed to be done through a company which he is part owner of. But then there is this part:

Most people don’t have to eat more food than they can comfortably digest, so it just isn’t necessary.

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As for the original question:

Most of these fad diets are nonsense, the worst ones are probably the carnivore diet and the snake diet. Eat sufficient protein, regulate caloric intake to lose, gain, or maintain weight, and eat some fruits and vegetables, those are the basics and anything that isn’t meeting that is fucked up.

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That is what I’m saying.


Common sense isn’t that common these days


(100% opinion with no scientific backing here)

Humans are programmed to be energy conservative, to find the path to their goals (historically, food, shelter, reproduction…) that provides the least resistance possible. That’s why fad diets are so popular. What requires more mental effort, making a one-time decision to cut out entire categories of foods, or making an effort day after day to make sure the majority of your diet comes from a variety of (I hate this term, but for simplicity…) whole food sources? Fad diets trigger something deep inside us that makes them feel like they will get us to what we desire with less effort.

It’s the same reason so many guys program hop like crazy. Progress stalls or regresses, and rather than admitting that it’s related to the shit decisions they make the other 23 hours in the day that they aren’t training, they convince themselves that it’s the exercise selection, reps, sets, percentages, etc., that’s the reason they aren’t progressing. All they have to do is find that magic combination and boom, a new PR is sure to come!

Just go to any major general public facing website and look at the ads. “One weird trick to melt belly fat”, “The new superfood big pharma doesn’t want you to know about”. Shit like that is all over the place BECAUSE IT WORKS. We want so badly to believe all our hopes and dreams are just one small change away, because the alternative is admitting that it’s actually going to be a long, difficult road that requires a lot of discipline and consistent effort on our part.