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New Diet During Injury?


I'm hoping to get suggestions on what diet to recommend for someone who has a torn ACL and will not be able to do any exercise for at least 3-4 weeks. She just started working out again before the injury and is worried that there may be some fat gain with such inactivity.

As for diet here's what I came up with so far (please keep in mind she has never really been on any kind of a nutritional diet plan.)

  1. 6-8 smaller meals a day to try to amp up metabolism as much as possible, currently eats 3-4
  2. Avoiding carbs during the last half of the day
  3. Add some healthy fats, fish oils, flax/olive oil
  4. Try to eat protein with each meal to control insulin spikes

Any other ideas? I'm certain she will not take any Fahrenheit or other fat burning supplements.

As for limited exercise I'm going to recommend push ups, crunches, curls, overhead tri raises, dumbell military presses.

So anybody have suggestions on the diet? Types of food?