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New Diet, Could Use Some Help


I am about 205 pounds, 5'9", and lean. I've been eating more and working harder the past couple of months than I ever have, and thanks to CC, gained about 25 pounds. Anyways, it's summer time, so a few things have change, such as my work schedule. I'm looking for help to find some foods that can get me the protein/fats/carbs that I need, but don't need to take forever to make.

I now work 7-3:30, and will probably lift at 4/4:15

My diet now, atleast until I start work (most of these foods I ate because it was easy for a college kid). 50 grams of protein per meal.

8am--6 eggs, piece of fish, 1 cup oatmeal
10am--50 gram protein shake
noon--1 personal pan digorni pizza, piece of fish
2pm--50 gram protein shake
PWO--sweet potato, 50 gram protein shake
6pm--whatever mom makes or I went to subway or something, I made sure I got all my protein
8pm--50 gram protein shake
10pm--6 eggs, piece of fish

New diet.

wake-up--1 HOT-ROX Extreme
6am--6 eggs, piece of fish/chicken/steak/etc., 1 cup oatmeal, green tea
9am--50 gram protein shake
noon--2 digorni personal pan pizzas/anything else I can find convenient to take to wor
~2pm--HOT-ROX Extreme
3pm--50 gram protein shake
PWO--sweet potato, 50 gram protein shake, creatine mono
~6pm--whatever mom cooks :slight_smile:
~8pm--6 eggs, piece of fish/check/steak/etc.
~10pm--50 gram protein shake

How does this look for adapting to the new time schedule. Also, like I mentioned, I'm 205 pounds, my goal is just simply putting on size, which I have been doing pretty consistently. Just looking for another boost in size, and some adaptation to my new schedule, so your advice is welcome.


I'll pm you about it.


Thanks CC


Oh come on... don't keep it from the rest of us! Was the advice any good?