New Development, Need Opinions. Libido Raging at Trough?

Hey guys,

So I’ve noticed a new development over the past I’d say three weeks. I shoot on Sunday mornings(shot today a little bit ago). I’ve noticed on shot day I feel good but libido is hit or miss. I attribute this to my body balancing the injected testosterone out. I’m either a wild animal or I’m pretty calm. Typically libido is solid Monday-Wednesday. I work Thursday-Saturday. For the longest time once Friday hit my libido noticeably dropped a bit. But now, I am almost more sexually charged Thursday-Saturday than I am when levels peak. My girl came home from work Thursday and Friday and I woke up from a dead sleep with a raging erection and I was like an animal.

Woke up this morning too with persistent almost painful morning wood. It’s weird because this hasn’t been my experience thus far on TRT. On my off days Sunday-Wednesday from work I hit the gym and I hit it really hard, I’ve noticed when I take a rest day from the gym libido is ridiculously high. Anybody have any explanations or experiences with this? At trough I should be on the Lower end, not hyped up like I have been. Could it be because my body is recovering from the days at the gym? I’m at a loss to explain it. Any input is appreciated

I would guess estrogen ratio has changed, you’re probably aromatizing a little less so your E2 is in a lower ratio to T the first half of the week now.

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You are injecting 1x a week if I read correctly. Perhaps move to 2? Keep levels more steady. If you are new on TRT, you can also stay the course things take time.

Remember with men that are natty, they have off days too. Stress, sleep, work, medication, illness, etc.